Steven Yeun Clarifies Comments On Return To ‘Walking Dead’ Character

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Steven Yeun has recently sat down with Larry King for an interview, where he clarified his comments on the subject of playing his character from The Walking Dead, Glenn, once again.

Yeun had previously made a statement in which he said he was completely done with the character and had no interest in bringing Glenn back to the small screen. The character, had fans on the edge of their seats for many season seeing if he would survive whatever ill-fated situation he would end up in. After many seasons his character finally met the wrong end of Lucille and that was enough for the prolific actor. However, when asked about it again on Larry King Now, he clarified his thoughts on the subject.

“Well, that was a very aggressively quoted version of what I said from that thing. I think I was just saying I don’t wanna go back to young Glenn.

And the actor gave some pretty solid reasons as to why he feels this way.

“Not only could I not do that physically, I don’t look like the kid that I started as at 25, but also, mentally, that character was just such in a different place that, for me to go back there, I think it would be not good for anyone.”

You can check out the full interview video below:

Yeun doesn’t think a Glenn origin story is a good idea and I think we can all agree with that. The character was much younger when the show started and it seems like something the world can do without. And with the exit of major characters coming as well as some serious rating dips, The Walking Dead could be on its way out, so this is definitely not the time for a Glenn reunion. Fans of the series will always have a special place for the pizza boy turned badass and it is probably best to leave Glenn at rest.

Would you like to see a Glenn origin movie? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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