‘The Strain’ Recap: S3E6 ‘The Battle of Central Park’

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Last week on The Strain, Eph and Dutch started to make some headway in figuring out how the Strigoi work. While trying to figure out a potent biological weapon they were able to start to understand how they communicate with each other to coordinate attacks. If they can figure out a way to disrupt that, then the Strigoi will not be so strong. Although they failed in creating an effective countermeasure, this was the first step in trying to stop them. Elsewhere Fet did some investigating and discovered where the Strigoi nest. This discovery led him to tell Councilwoman Feraldo to plan an all-out assault on them in Central Park. With an episode title like “The Battle For Central Park,” it looks like we would be in for a treat this week. So how did it go?

Turns out, not so good for the good guys. Although the plan was sound, as always, Eichhorst is two steps ahead.

Team Human’s plan was for Fet and a small ground of soldiers to go underground and drop a silver bomb on their next. Unfortunately, they did not realize just how large the sheer amount of Strigoi there really are. Even though he was able to get the silver bomb detonated, it was mainly a well-sacrificed ruse. Sure thousands of Strigoi died, but there seemed to be tens of thousands more who overwhelmed the police officers that maintained a perimeter around the park and were taken care of in the last few minutes. Eph and Dutch monitored the Strigoi communications during this to monitor Strigoi communications.

Meanwhile, Zach (who turns out isn’t The Master) is still locked in his makeshift room. Eichhorst and his mother have given him his own Feeler Strigoi to operate as his own guard dog that obeyed his every command. He even could give it a name (which did not do this episode but he probably will soon) and ended up laying with it as though it was his own pet. When Eichhorst knew that Fet was close, he had Zach leave his underground bunker. Zach, displaying surprise ingenuity left a note so that he could get a message to his father that he was ok.

Also, Gus and the fellow prisoners turned volunteers had to continue clearing tunnels under the cowardly boot of their police guardian. When it hit the fan, they were finally freed and luckily found Fet as they helped him detonate the silver bomb under the condition that they would remain free.

With the good guys being dealt yet another devastating blow, it looks like New York is no more secure than it previously was. Zach is still elsewhere, and we still don’t know who the new “The Master” is.

Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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