‘The Strain’ Recap: S3E7 ‘Collaborators’

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Last week on The Strain, the good guys tried to take the offensive against the Strigoi. By destroying the nest Fet discovered, they believed that would put them at an offensive advantage. Little did they know, they severely underestimated the sheer volume of the enemy. While Fet and company were busy dealing with a few Strigoi underground while looking for the nest, they allowed the night to come and as a result, all the police officers in Central Park were overrun. Eph and Dutch continued to try and discover how Strigoi communications work. The only thing they learned is that there was a large spike of Strigoi communications, signaling that was when The Master gave the order.

During their adventure underground, Fet discovered where Zach was being held and Zach was able to leave a note letting his father Eph know that he was OK. This gives Eph a little bit of hope. As Eph and Dutch make it to the underground lair, he confronts Eichhorst and they manage to cut his arm off, a small consolation from their defeat.

The episode begins reminding the audience that Eichhorst’s hand is still missing. Turns out the Strigoi don’t automatically grow appendages like vampires of other lore. As he burns his stump down and cools it in the water, he’s down but not out for the count.

Tonight’s episode dealt with collaborators of the past and the present.

In the past, we are treated to a flashback of Fet’s grandfather, a soldier from Ukraine during World War II. After getting caught by the Nazis, he surrenders and become a collaborator. This was mainly to save his fellow POW soldier. As the two try to stay alive, they agree to do a special assignment for the Nazis. Who turns out to be the head Nazi? Eichhorst of course. Eichhorst first instructs his fellow POW to murder Jewish prisoners, which he refuses. Then it’s (older) Fet s turn to kill them. He first refuses, but then is forced to or Eichhorst will kill his friend. After killing the poor Jewish prisoner, Eichhorst kills his friend anyway.

The second collaborator the show deals with is Eldritch Palmer, the elderly billionaire who partnered with The Master and Eichhorst to usher in the vampire apocalypse. While The Master temporarily gave him is virility back, it didn’t last long. Now Eichhorst is continuing his plans without Palmer (using Palmer’s resources without his permission) and overseeing a ship from Egypt containing “something.” Palmer is furious he wasn’t involved, and that The Master reneged on his promise of immortality and now is having second thoughts. With his new head of security, Palmer goes to see what’s on the ship, but is blocked by other human collaborators. By the time he comes back with an armed escort, the cargo has moved on.

Meanwhile, Dutch, Eph, and Quinlan venture outside of the safe zone in order to go to JFK airport to retrieve the “black box” to see if The Master’s communications show up on the flight that his coffin came in all way from the first episode from season one. As they brave outside the safe zone, it’s a lawless land and humans desperately turn on each other for survival. Once they make it to the empty airport (save a few Strigoi) they retrieve the black box.

Realizing that he will never get what he needs from The Master, Palmer continues his alliance with Setrakian and reports on the cargo from Egypt. Although he doesn’t know what it is, Setrakian realizes that if it’s from Egypt, which means The Master is making a pact with the other Ancients, which means trouble for everyone in New York City and therefore, America. Setrakian decided to give Palmer one dose of “The White.” Palmer uses the substance and is seemingly cured.
Before we can get to that next week, here are a few of the top moments of the episode.

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