‘Stranger Things’ Actor Noah Schnapp Talks “Evil” Will And Season 2


When Netflix’s Stranger Things debuted, the cast probably didn’t think it would get so popular so quickly. Nor did they think that they would be thrust into the limelight the way that they have been. And in gearing up for season two, there’s certainly a lot of pressure to deliver.

The end of season one found Will Byers back from the Upside Down, but he’s coughing up disgusting monsters and keeping secrets.

Noah Schnapp, who plays Will on the show, recently speculated about the possibilities for his character in season two.

“My guess is that maybe he’s going to become evil in the next season. If he’s coughing up these baby Demogorgons, or eggs, or something, maybe he’s incubating or holding these eggs inside of him and he’s trying to fight his good side against his bad side in the next season. That would be cool to see, to see him become evil.”

Schnapp goes on to talk about how, although the show is centered on the remainder of the kids and finding Will, his character fits into the group.

“I think out of the whole group, Will is the heart. He’s the nice one. Obviously, they’re all nice, but Will is the one who cares for all of them. He holds them all together, that big, long-lasting friendship, because he’s so sweet and so easy to talk to.”

Schnapp, outside of Stranger Things, was recently seen in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies and voiced Charlie Brown in The Peanuts Movie.

Season two of Stranger Things has no set release date, but will premiere on Netflix at some point in 2017. The show also stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, and Gaten Matarrazo.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 


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