The Duffer Brothers Hope For ‘Harry Potter Situation’ In Future ‘Stranger Things’ Seasons

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become this summer’s theme song both literally and figuratively. The Duffer Brothers have managed to keep our excitement going by sharing their future plans for the Netflix phenomenon. In terms of casting the Duffer Brothers would ideally want the cast to grow with the show as the stars of the Harry Potter franchise did.

“The dream is a Harry Potter situation,” 

The show’s creators have shared that the second season of Stranger Things would be set one year later to account for the cast members’ growth spurt. The Duffer Brothers have no intention of replacing any of the actors.

“I love watching kids growing up on camera. So the idea seeing where these kids and these characters are one year later is cool to me. And it allows us to explore the mythology of our nether.”

The Stranger Things show drew inspiration from Stephen King’s IT, a story that featured the protagonists as kids and adults.  The future of the series series could explore Jonathan, Nancy and Steve and the complexity of their relationship as they transition into adulthood. Other focus points could include Mike and the kids as they head into their teen years. Needless to say Will’s body is changing in more ways than a teen would expect. Another potential side to explore is for Millie Bobby Brown’s character and fan favorite, Eleven, and how her abilities will play a part and develop as she gets older.

I am all for seven more years of Stranger Things if need be, but what do you think? Sound off below.


Source: EW

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