‘Stranger Things’ Creators Respond To Fan Theory About Series Finale

Is this the end?

Stranger Things is finally set to come to an end when season 5 hits Netflix. During a recent interview, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer responded to a popular fan theory about how the show will wrap up its run on the streaming giant.

Almost every series has a “It was all a dream” theory. Stranger Things is no exception, with some fans speculating season 5 will end with the revelation the entire series was a game of Dungeons & Dragons. However, Matt and Ross Duffer have officially debunked the theory ahead of Stranger Things 5.

“That is correct,” Matt Duffer joked regarding the Dungeons & Dragons theory while speaking to Metro. “That is the ending… No.”

“That would be the equivalent of, ‘That’s all a dream’,” Ross Duffer continued. “No, I assure you that is not how we’re going to end the show. We’ve known where we’ve been going for a while. And we feel comfortable with it; hopefully, it satisfies everyone. We’ll see.”

It’s certainly a relief for Stranger Things fans that even the creators have ruled out such an outrageous fan theory. However, the series still has a tough landing to make with the finale. Netflix puts out seasons at a glacial rate, and season 5 likely won’t be dropping until 2025 at the earliest Fans can only hope it’ll be worth the wait.

Stranger Things are coming to Hawkins…

Details regarding Stranger Things season five are currently being kept under lock and key at Netflix. Jim Hopper actor David Harbour recently mentioned that he is preparing to shoot the season at the same time as Marvel’s Thunderbolts, as both productions are based in Georgia. Both productions are currently on hold due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Stranger Things was created by Matt and Ross Duffer. The two also executive produce the series alongside Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, Brian Wright, Cindy Holland, Jessica Mecklenburg, Matt Thunell, Karl Gajdusek, Iain Paterson and Curtis Gwinn.

The first four seasons of Stranger Things are available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned for all the latest news regarding the final season and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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