‘Stranger Things’ EP Shawn Levy Confirms The Fate Of Barb

When asked about #JusticeForBarb today, Stranger Things EP Shawn Levy took the opportunity to drive the nail in the coffin for Barb fans once again.

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Executive Producer Shawn Levy had quite the year in 2016. His production company 21 Laps Entertainment produced not only the Academy award nominated Best Picture Arrival but the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things as well. Levy was in attendance at the Oscars Luncheon in Los Angeles today when Variety caught up with him to ask about season 2 of Stranger Things which made waves last night when it debuted the teaser for season two. Naturally, Barb (Shannon Purser) came up giving Levy the opportunity to drive the nail in Barb’s coffin once again:

“Ever since that Golden Globes — where she’s in the opening — everyone’s like, so she alive? And the Duffers are like: no, no, she’s dead. Like, we saw a like slug coming out of her throat. There’s no coming back from that. But I will say that her memory and the search for justice for her is a part of season two.”

While Barb’s death was most certainly breezed over, causing an overwhelming sensation online — the lack of acknowledgment surrounding the loss of her character actually makes sense. What people seem to forget — or reject altogether — is the scene when Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono) were told by Officer Powell (Rob Morgan) and Officer Calahan (John Reynolds) that the state police found Barbs car at the bus station. It was obviously a lie set up by the Department Of Energy but it served its purpose — which was to stop any further investigation into Barb’s disappearance. Think about it, a small town in the 1980’s such as Hawkins wouldn’t have the resources to shell out to search for Barb when they think she ran away, especially when they are already searching for Will Byers.

On top of that, Stranger Things takes place over the course of a week. Nancy and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) went out searching for the Demogorgon in order to find Barb on Friday night. By Saturday night she received confirmation that Barb was indeed gone from Eleven. Hours later Nancy and Jonathan were luring the monster into the Byer’s house. She wouldn’t have had an opportunity to grieve for Barb until the dust settled which is exactly what happened. The reality of losing her best friend set in after she saw the boys reunite with Will in the hospital.

As far as #JusticeForBarb goes, David Harbour recently told fans who were in attendance for the Fan2Sea Comic Con cruise that Nancy will be sharing many of the same feelings as the fans who were upset over the lack of acknowledgment of her death in the first season when Stranger Things returns this Halloween.

Source: Variety

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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