‘Stranger Things’: David Harbour Teases Chief Hopper’s Arc In Season 2

Stranger Things star David Harbour has teased that Chief Hopper will have a "completely different" arc in the second season of the Netflix smash hit.

Stranger Things Chief Hopper
Stranger Things star David Harbour has teased that Chief Hopper will have a “completely different” arc from the heroic journey we saw last year when the Netflix smash hit series returns this fall.

Harbour has previously teased that the new season will find Hopper in a much more complex place than where he was when the series began. While the Chief managed to find redemption for himself by saving Will Byers, the events of season one have now forced him to compromise his integrity and cover up certain aspects of Will’s disappearance in the fall of 1983.

The actor recently participated in a live AMA on Mogul where he took questions from fans and went a little further to tease that Hopper’s arc in the second season will be his struggle to deal with situations where he makes the wrong choice because of his desire to be a hero:

“hop starts season 2 in a completely different place than season 1.  he saved will and has found a renewed interest in life.  so his arc for s2 in my mind becomes more about butting up against the places where his hero fantasy can’t take him.  the places where that hero complex may force him to make the wrong decisions.  its a satisfying, completely different journey in s2.”

On a lighter note, Harbour teased that we’ll discover Hopper’s taste in music in season 2 and from the sounds of it, we may even get to see him sing or dance:

“you’ll get to see exactly Hop’s taste in music this season, so I won’t spoil it for you.  there’s a great moment in ep2 where Hop and music are a big thing.  and you may get to see him … well, I won’t say more.  it was very very fun to film tho.”

When asked whether or not he had yet to see any episodes from season 2, Harbour revealed that he has seen a cut of the first episode and that the new season will explore the characters in deeper ways than the first season:

“yes, I’ve seen a lot of episode 1 and have seen a lot of the shooting at the monitor and I can honestly say that I am so excited for you all to see this season.  its so fun and dark and complex.  the characters all get to deepen and develop and we get to take on even greater demons (inner and outer).  thanks for loving Hop, I love him too.”

Harbour was also asked about which episode he was excited the most for when he teased that episode 4 “The Palace” and episode 5 “The Storm” might be the most epic in the sequel season:

“episodes 4 and 5 are pretty epic.  last year I felt they were the slowest of the season and this season 4 and 5 are incredible.  the story moves so fast in the middle and the tension is so high.  they’re killer, but I haven’t even seen 8 & 9 yet, and they’ll likely be even better”

What do you think? Are you excited for Stranger Things to return? Let us know in the comments below. The adventure continues in the fall of 1984 as the world is turning upside down.

Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix this Halloween. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Stranger Things as we learn it.

Source: Mogul

Michael Mistroff

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