’Supergirl’ 2.01 ”The Adventures Of Supergirl” Review: Kara & Superman Teams-Up

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The wait is finally over as Krypton’s last daughter, Kara Zor-El, has returned for her new season on a new network with The CW and the season premiere hit it off with a bang in more ways than one. The premiere picks up right where we left off as Kara and J’onn discovers the alien pod that arrived in National City and who was inside of it. As the events of the premiere progresses, we finally get to the moment that many have waited for as Superman swings by National City when Kara needs a helping hand.

However Superman isn’t the only new face in town, as Lex Luthor’s little sister, Lena, has entered National City and given her last name, the Kryptonian cousins of course decides to keep an eye on her. While Kara has to figure out what to do with their new visitor in the pod, Lena’s presence, the Girl of Steel also have plenty on her plate as Kara Danvers. Cat is continuing to push her to make a decision on what she wants to do next.

This was an incredibly packed premiere and ton of things went down which we want to discuss so hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through the top 5 highlights and important moments of the Supergirl Season 2 premiere, “The Adventures Of Supergirl”!

#5: Enter Lena Luthor

#4: Kara’s New Job

#3: Jimmy & Kara’s Relationship

#2: Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent/Superman

#1: Everything With Supergirl & Superman

supergirl-20108#5 – Enter Lena Luthor

While we got introduced to a few new forces in the premiere, it was Lena Luthor’s debut that stole the show as Katie McGrath entered the DC drama. As someone who is only familiar with Tess Mercer (who was later revealed to be Lena) on Smallville, I was intrigued to see what this show would do with their take on the character. She is a tough cookie without doubt and while they played off on the classic game of whether she is evil or not, I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m not even sure what I’m hoping for her to be, friend or foe, because it would almost be more intriguing if she came off more as an anti-hero. If there is one character that I’m most excited to learn more about, it’s definitely Lena, without doubt.

supergirl-20103#4 – Kara’s New Job

Even though this aspect didn’t play as big of a role as other plots did, whenever it was in focus, we got some really good depth from it, especially in that final Kara and Cat scene where Kara finally decides what she wants to do. Become a reporter, which I’m mixed on, but not opposed to as it was the only thing that would make sense for to be, given the new boss that is coming. Despite that Calista Flockhart will be back for more episodes, this definitely felt like a temporary goodbye, since Cat may be around, but not seen on-screen as much. The speech Cat gives to Kara definitely feels like it will play in with this season’s tone, so it was appreciated.

Supergirl 12007#3 – Jimmy & Kara’s Relationship

I have been Team Kara/Jimmy since the first episode, which is why the result of their relationship at the end of the premiere, took me by surprise. It felt extremely forced as the type of drama that was getting in the way, wasn’t something that those two would let come between them. Even though they decided to be close friends (while also making it obvious that they are building up to that romance again through this season), it was definitely the oddest part of the premiere. Jimmy wouldn’t throw a fit about something like Kara being busy figuring out who the

supergirl-20104#2 – Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent/Superman

I’m probably not the only one that could go on for hours about how amazing Hoechlin’s Superman was in the premiere. It was refreshing to get to see a little more classic Superman again on screen – which is not a dig at Henry Cavill’s remarkable take of Superman in the films – and seeing Hoechlin’s Clark was also spectacular. His conflict with J’onn was something that I didn’t expect to be as big as it was, but hopefully it will be somewhat resolved next week. The history that this Clark/Superman has in this continuity was also appreciated, from his tight relationship with Lois to his playful relationship with Cat. Also, can we talk about the bromance between Jimmy and Clark with their adorakable handshake? Hoechlin was the perfect choice to portray this version of Superman for the show and next week needs to get here faster because I want more!

supergirl-20105#1- Everything With Supergirl & Superman

It would be foolish if we didn’t focus on Superman’s interaction with the title hero as his chemistry with Benoist was so magical that I could watch these two talk or do anything for hours. However the best part of his role in the episode was that he didn’t overshadow the Girl of Steel, which I know has been a big concern by fans and critics. While it was fantastic, his presence definitely felt like a guest-appearance of a fellow hero in someone else’s comic series. As amazing as the first hour was with the two Super-cousins, something tells me that next week will kick it up a notch.

Verdict: If we exclude the awkward Jimmy/Kara development, “The Adventures of Supergirl” was a flawless season premiere that felt like the perfect issue of your favorite comic book. While I didn’t touch upon the ending with Brenda Strong’s debut, that is now creating Metallo, I called it, that she would be revealed as the evil Doctor of Project Cadmus. It will be fun to see how Cadmus plays as a big bad for the new season and what sort of threats we can expect. But overall, the season two premiere of Supergirl was (pun intended) absolutely super.

Grade: A

Supergirl Season 2 airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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