Supergirl Recap: S1E20 ‘Better Angels’

Supergirl Better Angels

Spoilers for ‘Better Angels’

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Supergirl has to face her mind controlled sister. Between Alex’s kryptonite powered suit, and Supergirl greatly holding back, Alex easily gets the upper hand. She was about to kill Supergirl when J’onn arrives with the girls’ mom, Eliza. J’onn was weak from his battle with Indigo, but after Eliza was able to remind Alex of her father she was able to talk Alex down, allowing Alex to break free of Myriad’s control.

They all go to the broadcast center, where Max is able to get the equipment working so Supergirl can broadcast both a message, and symbol, of hope. I especially enjoyed Cat saying that Supergirl is her protege, and that reaching people is what she does, so Supergirl will be able to also. Supergirl goes on camera and gives a speech about strength and hope before Max changes the video feed to an “S” shield. After she talks for a couple minutes it cuts to various members of the supporting casts as they come out from the influence of Myriad.

Having failed to take over the Earth, Indigo tells Non that they should just kill all of the humans and find another planet to rule over.

Back at the DEO, J’onn and Alex have arrived. J’onn is still recovering, but General Lane insist on taking him into custody, against Lucy’s wishes. Max informs everyone that Myriad is still active, and while it can’t control their minds anymore, the energy waves it produces are rising. Eventually, it will rise to a point where it will cause every’s brains to explode. In a private moment, Max tells Supergirl that stopping Non and Indigo will be a suicide mission. Surprisingly, he seems to genuinely be worried about her safety.

Kara goes to James, Winn, Cat and J’onn (separately) to tell them how much she cares for them, and to tell them goodbye. By the time she got to J’onn, James had already called to say that Kara was acting weird, as though she was telling him goodbye. Kara explains that she is going to do everything in her power to stop Indigo and Non, and that she is at peace with her choice even if she doesn’t survive. She chooses not to say goodbye to Alex, as she doesn’t think she is strong enough to still face Non if she does.

Max was able to find the power source for Myriad, which Supergirl calls an Omegahedron (something fans of the 1984 Supergirl movie should recognize). While it’s not the first time we have seen it this year, it’s the first time they referred to it by name. They were able to track it to a spot in Nevada, which General Lane informs everyone is actually the secret location of Fort Rozz. At Lucy’s insistence, J’onn is released from custody so that, despite his injuries, he can help Supergirl. Before leaving Supergirl handed her necklace to Alex (the same necklace that her mother gave her before leaving Krypton.)

Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter go to Fort Rozz, where Supergirl faced Non and Manhunter battled with Indigo. Non throws the Omegahedron on the ground, saying that Fort Rozz doesn’t need its power anymore. Initially, it looked as though Indigo was going to defeat the Manhunter for the second time. But he was able to gain the upper hand and literally tore her in half. I enjoyed the effects during the fight scene with Supergirl and Non, and loved when their heat vision clashed. When Supergirl was able to overpower Non, it looked as though his eyes were burned out. I couldn’t tell if he was dead, or merely unconscious, and no mention was given to it later.

With Non and Indigo defeated, they turn their attention to Fort Rozz, which is still ramping up Myriad. The only solution they can find is for Supergirl to literally fly it into space and away from the Earth. It’s at this point that Supergirl calls Alex to tell her goodbye. Supergirl successfully managed to get Rozz off planet, but was severely weakened from exerting herself so much. As Supergirl falls unconscious Alex, her Kara’s Kryptonian ship, arrives to rescue her. I’m not sure but I think that the necklace Kara had given her is also a key to the pod, allowing her to fly it.

At CatCo, Kara finds out that Superman has woken up, but before she can talk to him to much Cat interrupts. She takes Kara to an office and tells her she’s getting a promotion. I wasn’t sure, but I think it was meant to be the same office that Team Supergirl has used most the season. If so, I have to wonder if Cat questions why all the computer equipment was in there. It’s not clear what the promotion Kara was given entails, as she is told to take a few days off and think about what she wants to do. I still wonder if Cat knows Kara is really Supergirl (despite the Martian Manhunter fake out awhile back).

Celebrating their victory at Kara’s apartment, they see what looked like a meteorite flying through the sky. I loved that Martian Manhunter went with Supergirl to investigate. Hopefully that becomes a more regular thing. When they catch up with it, they find it was a Kryptonian ship, and whatever was inside of it surprised Supergirl. We aren’t shown what it is that she saw. Hopefully the expected season 2 pick up does happen so we can find out.

I have to say that Supergirl has definitely been one of the highlights of this tv season. While not a perfect show, it really came into it’s own and had far more great episodes than weak ones.

Random Thoughts:

  • It was mentioned that Superman was still unconscious from the effects of Myriad. Throughout the remainder of the episode you could see his legs in the background, and at the end he has another chat conversation with Kara. One area this show needs to improve on is its handling of Superman. I understand why they can’t use him, but it almost makes it worse when they try to still have him present.
  • Why didn’t Supergirl destroy the Omegahedron? Since Max has it that’s definitely going to come back to bite her.
  • Why is it that General Lane had to tell the DEO where Fort Rozz was? I guess it has never come up, but I’ve assumed all season that J’onn and company knew where it was.
  • I was glad to see J’onn was pardoned of his “crimes”…. Even if those crimes were predominantly just that he is an alien.
  • When Supergirl used her heat vision against Non, it reminded me greatly of when she destroyed the Red Tornado, something that was one of my favorite moments of the season.
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  • S.W.

    Ah, I get it. This article was written by Brent Clark = Clark Brent = Clark Kent = favorable review. Way to go cuz.

    • Vegas82

      So there’s no possibility that someone else enjoyed the show because you didn’t? Time to get your head out of your butt.

      • S.W.

        Vegas, I was simply making a joke. It had nothing to do with the episode. I simply saw the byline and thought it was an interesting play on words. It’s not meant to disparage the blogger or imply anything disparaging about the show. You are the one inferring vitriol. Have a nice day — whoever you are.

        • Vegas82

          Keep your day job. The joke, if that is indeed what it was meant to be, was forced and not funny. And the wording implies you dislike the show or episode and are looking for any reason a person might give it a favorable review.

          • S.W.

            Dude or Madam, Seriously…

          • Vegas82

            Yes, that is this dude’s serious reaction. If you want a different one either work on your delivery or English skills.

          • theheartsleeves

            You told him! You deserve that extra soda! Way to beat down someone for nothing! Yay!

  • zepi

    “Why didn’t Supergirl destroy the Omegahedron?”
    Because Indigo said it wasn’t powering Myriad anymore… Then she went and saved the Earth and got saved by her sister. The real question is how did Max get it? Because I’m assuming no one else knows he has it.
    also, it works as a plot device. Or were you expecting all plot to come out of nowhere, like the new ship?

    • brentac

      Max got it from General Lane. Same question, how did he get it. I guess just from recovering it from the Fort Rozz site

  • beane2099

    They really don’t need Superman at all on this show. I think that was a mistake. It doesn’t bother me when she fights other villains and Superman doesn’t show up because time is a factor in such things. But it definitely weakens the story when you have evil Kryptonians who only fixate on Supergirl and her city and don’t care about Superman at all (and vice versa for that matter). They should have just had her be that world’s super person with Dean Cane and Helen Slater’s characters filling the role of the Kents. Just switch it to J’onn found her and gave her to them or something. A really bold move would be to kill off Superman entirely and make her the prime super person on that world. Show him and Doomsday fighting from far away and then BOOM. Then you could add supporting characters like John Henry Irons and Superboy (they can use him right?).

  • theheartsleeves

    this episode had so many holes in it I just had to smile. “we can’t defeat Myriad.. unless we just talk to everyone.. even though it didn’t work before.”

    A Kryptonian can burn out another Kryptonian’s eyes? eh..

    All of a sudden Indigo can be killed by being ripped in half? huh? She seemed to be a being of energy or millions of nanobots.. but ok..

    “The pain in my head… oh wait, I have to talk… the pain is less so I can speak..”

    the worst part.. 3 minutes left and Kara is like “You have to promise me… or I will just stand here”.

    I grew to like this show, but the writing on this episode was right out of Adam West Batman..