‘The Acolyte’ TV Spot May Have Spoiled The Biggest Twist For The ‘Star Wars’ Series

What a twist!

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The Acolyte may be its own worst enemy! A new television spot for the Star Wars series may accidentally spoiled one of the show’s biggest twists.

The folks at Disney and Lucasfilm have been playing their hand close to their chest with the Star Wars series The Acolyte. However, that has only caused fans to inspect every inch of footage they get to try to uncover the truth. One particular piece of speculation born from this was that Amandla Stenberg would be playing two different people, with the idea being based on her character acting vastly different between pieces of footage.

This idea was crazy to some. However, the newest TV spot for The Acolyte all but confirms the popular Star Wars theory. While Amandla Stenberg was only confirmed to be playing Mae, the subtitled version of a scene referred to her character as “Osha.” While the Star Wars account quickly took down that version of the video, the damage was already done when it came to fan speculation.

How These Twins Affect The Acolyte

This twist lines up with rumors from last year breaking down the plot of The Acolyte. While these rumors won’t be covered here, this reveal does have some interesting implications for the Star Wars series. Specifically, there may be times when Osha and Mae switch places to deceive other leading characters.

More interesting, however, is the idea that The Acolyte could bring back the Force Dyad. The Force Dyad was one of the most controversial parts of recent Star Wars projects, being a unique bond that made two force-sensitive people one with the force when they unite together. Palpatine said one hadn’t been seen in generations, so could Amandla Stenberg be that very Force Dyad?

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