RUMOR: ‘The Batman’ Could Hit Theaters As Early As 2021

Matt Reeves The Batman DC

The Batman has recently been making news since there have been rumors about its production going around, but a new rumor now suggests the film could come in as early as 2021.

There has been no official word from either Warner Bros. or director Matt Reeves, but there is rumor from Forbes that explains how the film could be releasing sooner that many believe. If the rumors about the film’s production gearing up are true, then they could help narrow down the time of The Batman‘s release. With many things being considered during a film’s production, it is believed that the film could be releasing around Spring 2021.

This would be considering the times previous Batman films have been released after beginning production and Matt Reeves’ previous films. Usually this length is about 14 months due to filming and marketing. There could be delays on some days for filming as we have to include possible reshoots for the film. Afterwards, films get a certain amount of marketing that studios usually need.

If delays do indeed occur during the film’s production then we could be seeing The Batman arriving in theaters in 2022. With the film experiencing delays due to filming or marketing, that could be the probable release year for the film. As the rumor suggests though, if things happen go well, then we could be seeing the Caped Crusader back on the big screen in 2021.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you hope to see the film soon? Would you rather like the studio to take its time with the film? Share your thoughts below!

Plot details for The Batman are currently under wraps. The film is said to center around a younger Caped Crusader and Matt Reeves has confirmed that it will not be directly based on Frank Miller’s Year One comic.

The Batman is one of many projects currently being developed by Warner Bros. and DC Films, including The Flash standalone film, Green Lantern CorpsBirds of PreyBlack AdamSuicide Squad 2NightwingSupergirl, New Gods, a Deathstroke film, and a Joker origin movie set outside of the DCEU.

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Source: Forbes