‘The Fantastic Four’: Joseph Quinn Breaks Silence on Human Torch Casting

The Human Torch speaks out!

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Joseph Quinn finally speaks out on his Marvel Cinematic Universe role! The Stranger Things actor recently broke his silence on being cast as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four.

Fans across the world were shocked when it was announced that Joseph Quinn would be playing the Human Torch. While it had been rumored for months that he would be starring in The Fantastic Four, many fans simply refused to believe that the Stranger Things star could pull off playing Johnny Storm.

While the actor has mostly remained silent on his casting, Joseph Quinn did speak on his role in The Fantastic Four during a recent appearance at Facts Comic-Con in Belgium. At a panel, Quinn talked about his excitement to play Johnny Storm and how he still can’t believe he gets to play a superhero in the MCU.

“I’m really excited!” Quinn exclaimed. “I still can’t believe it, it’s crazy. We have a great group. When I spoke to Matt [Shakman], the director, he had a brilliant vision for this, and the group we have, it was an easy decision. I definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

It’s good to see that Joseph Quinn is excited for his role in The Fantastic Four, even if some fans on the internet aren’t exactly thrilled. More unorthodox actors have certainly taken up the Human Torch mantle. Given how perfect the rest of Marvel’s first family is cast, it’s likely that Quinn will knock it out of the park as Johnny Storm.

Joseph Quinn Reveals His Training For The Fantastic Four

Every superhero actor has to go through some sort of training for their role, and Joseph Quinn is no different. Continuing to speak at Facts Comic-Con, Quinn jokingly teased his regiment by saying that he’ll be “setting himself on fire every day” to prepare for his role as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four.

While Quinn is almost certainly joking, it may not be far from the truth. It’s not controversial to say that The Fantastic Four will likely use CGI to bring the Human Torch to life. However, it’s not out of the question for Quinn or his stunt double to actually be set ablaze with fire-retardant gel for a scene or two as Johnny Storm.

Fantastic Four opens on July 25, 2025.  Stay tuned for all the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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