‘The Fantastic Four’: Paul Walter Hauser Teases His Role In MCU Reboot

Who is Paul Walter Hauser playing?

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Who is Paul Walter Hauser playing in The Fantastic Four? The actor reveals his excitement for his hidden role in the MCU reboot, as well as why he signed on to the film.

Fans have been left scratching their head since Paul Walter Hauser was cast in The Fantastic Four. While he’s a fantastic actor, it’s unclear what role he’ll be playing in the upcoming reboot with most of the main cast already filled out. While Hauser didn’t reveal much about his character, he did express his excitement to join the MCU.

“So all I can say is that I, in some iteration, am in the movie The Fantastic Four until I get fired or recast,” Hauser told Screen Rant in a recent interview. “So I can’t say anything about the character I’m playing, but know that it is in the sort of lexicon and mythology of The Fantastic Four stories. And it’s a very distinct character that I’m excited to play and I’m kind of mapping out what I’m doing with that right now.”

“But I’ve always wanted to be a part of a cinematic universe. I spent a lot of time trying to campaign to play the Penguin in the Matt Reeves film, and that of course went to Colin Farrell and he did a masterful job and it was totally different than what I was trying to do. So I really appreciate Marvel giving me the time of day and entrusting a role to me in some capacity that I get to be a part of that family. I’m really excited to partake in.”

Some fans have speculated that Paul Walter Hauser would be playing H.E.R.B.I.E. in The Fantastic Four, given his history in voice acting. However, his penchant for auditioning to play villains may suggest that he’s playing Mole Man in the MCU, a character that’s so far been absent in any silver screen reboot of the first family despite being the first villain they ever faced.

Why Paul Walter Hauser Joined The Fantastic Four

Every actor has their own reasons for signing on to any project, be it in the MCU or otherwise. Paul Walter Hauser is no different. When asked why he decided to join The Fantastic Four reboot, Hauser admitted that the main draw was the spectacular team assembled both in front of and behind the camera.

 “I think it’s the folks who are involved,” Hauser continued. “The writers and the director, Matt Shakman, his department heads and the cast alone. I just looked at it and I went, I have a guttural instinct that this will be a special movie with or without me, and I want to be a part of this.”

“Whatever small piece of the puzzle I’m playing in that film, I’m going to give it my entire heart and soul, and try to enjoy the process, because it is very special to be a kid who grew up enjoying comic books, and animated shows and movies, and now getting to be some part of that. It’s really special.”

It’s certainly good to hear that Paul Walter Hauser is just as excited about The Fantastic Four reboot as the fans are. All signs point to the film being one of the most special projects in the MCU to date. So, no matter what role Hauser plays, it’s certain to blow fans out of the water!

The Fantastic Four opens on July 25, 2025.  Stay tuned for all the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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