The Last Of Us Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Bella Ramsey As Grown-Up Ellie With Isabela Merced

The Last of Us Season 2 Bella Ramsey Isabella Merced Ellie Dina

With production currently underway on the second season of The Last of Us, set photos have surfaced online revealing Bella Ramsey as a grown-up Ellie, along with the first look at Isabela Merced’s Dina, who is Ellie’s girlfriend.

The set photos, first released on Candagraphs’ Patreon, shows Ramsey and Merced, as Ellie and Dina, navigating their way on horseback outside the Weston Pharmacy—a location fans of the game will recognize. Check out the embed of the pictures below.

The online speculation and chatter around Dina’s character suggests that this scene mirrors the beginning of the game, where Dina and Ellie explore Jackson, Wyoming. This early interaction serves as the player’s introduction to Dina before her relationship with Ellie blossoms.

Alternatively, the scene could also align with a later event, after Ellie and Dina’s arrival in Seattle. This period in the game sees Dina confined to a local theater for several days, suggesting a range of story possibilities that the series could explore.

Canadagraph’s Patreon said about the photos: “My 1st set photos of cast working on The Last Of Us season two. This was the least accommodating set I have worked in a few years….. which is weird, since there’s no spoilers that can be dropped, as its literally copied from a video game.”

They added: “At this set, they had Bella Ramsey as Ellie, doing a scene with Isabela Merced as Dina, as the pair are on a horse outside of the Weston Pharmacy that you saw from my last set of photos. This set was so tight, I am inclined to believe these are the only photos of them that were taken where you can actually identify them in the photos. Only way I got the pics of them on the horse, was shooting through two panes of glass.”

The Last of Us Season 1 is currently streaming on Max.

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