The Russo Brothers Confirm Their Involvement With Live-Action ‘Hercules’

The Russo Brothers have confirmed that they’ll be producing the upcoming live-action Hercules remake for Disney.

Earlier today, it was revealed that a live-action Hercules film was commissioned by Disney and that it would be produced by The Russo Brothers. Additionally, the project would be written by Shang-Chi scribe Dave Callaham. As always, these things often begin as rumors before morphing into reality. A few short hours after the story was broken, The Russo Brothers confirmed their involvement with the live-action Hercules film.

Taking to Instagram, The Russo Brothers cheekily confirmed that they’ll be working on the upcoming film from Disney by posting a picture of Pain and Panic.

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A recent pic of me and my bro…

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The Russo Brothers are best known for directing Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame, two of the most acclaimed films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seeing as their relationship with Disney has already proven to be lucrative, it’s a no brainer that they’re returning to work with the studio. The brothers are also known for their fantastic action sequences and relationships with some of the top stunt coordinators, which makes them a perfect fit for a live-action Hercules film.

Currently, there’s no telling who will be directing the live-action Hercules film for Disney. The report from earlier confirmed that The Russo Brothers would simply be producing the film, and the brother’s Instagram post doesn’t really offer any breadcrumbs other than involvement. The brothers have been extremely busy with their production company AGBO lately, which just released Extraction on Netflix.

Are you excited to see a live-action Hercules film from The Russo Brothers? Who do you want to see direct the film? Comment below and let us know!

Disney’s animated version reimagined the Hercules legend as a musical in which the title hero battles the villainous Hades, who plots to overthrow Olympus. The role of Hercules was voiced by Tate Donovan while James Woods was cast as Hades.

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Source: The Russo Brothers