The Witcher Season 4 Set Photo Leaks Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt Look

The Witcher Henry Cavill Liam Hemsworth Geralt of Rivia

As the curtains fell on season three of Netflix’s The Witcher, fans bid farewell to Henry Cavill, the former Man of Steel actor who has portrayed Geralt of Rivia since the show’s inception. The baton has now been passed to Liam Hemsworth, known for his role in The Hunger Games, who will step into Geralt’s boots starting with season four.

Though not a direct look at Liam Hemsworth’s portrayal of Geralt, the paparazzi images showcase Joel Adrian, Hemsworth’s stunt double, donning the character’s new outfit. Adrian, who previously portrayed the witcher Hemrik in Season 2 and contributed stunt work in Season 3, now takes on the role of Hemsworth’s stunt double in Season 4.

The photographs, taken during location shoots near Midhurst, West Sussex, reveal a black, unbuttoned leather jacket. While drawing comparisons to the styling of the Grandmaster Wolven Armor from The Witcher 3 video game, the new look stands out a bit, and not for the better. Check it out below.

Previously, co-star Freya Allan shared her thoughts on the casting change. She looks forward to seeing Hemsworth’s take on the character, despite concerns about potential backlash from the series’ somewhat vocal fanbase.

“I don’t want to speak for him, but from what I’ve understood, I feel like he’s really wanting to try and bring the heart. He’s been training. I feel sorry for him, honestly, because, number one, that fan base can be very attack-y, and it’s not an ideal situation to be in taking up someone else’s role,” Allan said. “But I’m really excited to see what he does. And he’s such a lovely guy. I just hope that people give him the time of day, you know?”

The leaked set photo sparked mixed reactions online with one Twitter user saying, “Everyone’s making fun of The Witcher Season 4’s costume saying it looks like it’s from Temu or something.”

Another Twitter user added: “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to not see this stuff, so… the sheer audacity of comparing whatever this new biker jacket from TWN is (it’s not just “simple“, it’s so awfully bland, it looks like a cheap halloween costume) to the amazing outfit design of the Witcher 3.”

All episodes of The Witcher season three are currently available on Netflix.

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