‘Thunderbolts’ Set Video May Have Spoiled A Key Location For The MCU Film

An accidental spoiler?

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Florence Pugh may have just spoiled Thunderbolts! A new rumor suggests she may have accidentally revealed one of the wildest locations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,

This past weekend, Florence Pugh put out a video dressed as Yelena Belova on the set of Thunderbolts. While Pugh understandably didn’t reveal anything too juicy about the upcoming MCU film, she did spotlight some of the wonderful crew members and gave fans a sneak peek at her new costume.

The set video also revealed that the film had been retitled to Thunderbolts* with a new logo, though it’s currently unclear if the asterisk means the name is a placeholder or will have some sort of significance in the film. The video itself is a fun look with Florence Pugh about how MCU films look behind the scenes, and can be watched in full below.

The Hidden Secrets On The ‘Thunderbolts’ Set

Florence Pugh gave fans a quick look at a prison set during the Thunderbolts video tour. While many fans assumed this was simply a generic location used during the team’s formation, Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman reveals that the cell is actually where the team first discovers Sentry, played by Lewis Pullman.

In the comics, Sentry was a former addict who stole a super soldier serum from the government, turning him into an incredibly powerful superhero. While Sentry tended to willingly imprison himself in the comics, it’s possible Thunderbolts is taking a different direction with the character, turning him into an unwitting victim of government experimentation

Thunderbolts is currently set to hit theaters on May 2, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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