‘Titans’ Star Brenton Thwaites Suits Up As Nightwing In New Image

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See Titans actor Brenton Thwaites, who plays Dick Grayson, ditch the Robin outfit and suit up as Nightwing in this new incredible image.

Titans just cast its new Batman, but fans want to know when Brenton Thwaites will take on the mantle of Nightwing. In the first season of Titans, Brenton Thwaites’ Dick Grayson has already left Batman. A detective for the Detroit PD in the day and Robin at night, Dick Grayson seems to be long gone from the dynamic duo days. After forming the Titans in the first season and burning the Robin suit, it seems only inevitable for Dick to become Nightwing in the second season of Titans.

Fans are already ecstatic about the thought of Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing. In this image, you can see what Titans‘ Brenton Thwaites would look like in the Nightwing suit. The signature Robin ‘R’ is replaced with the signature blue Nightwing symbol. Here’s a look:


Brendon Thwaites confirmed earlier this month that he does have a new suit. He was also seen rocking the longer Nightwing-style hair in early this year. Titans Season 2 will not only give us a look at Iain Glen’s Batman, but hopefully a look at Brenton Thwaites as Nightwing as well, as Dick has already given up the mantle of Robin.

Are you excited to see Brenton Thwaites suit up as Nightwing? What else are you looking forward to in the upcoming season 2 of Titans? Let us know in the comments!

Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Lindsey Gort as Detective Amy Rohrbach, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, Minka Kelly as Dove, Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Dwain Murphy as Negative Man, Jake Michaels as Cliff Steel, April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl, Bruno Bichir as Dr. Niles Caulder, and Conor Leslie as Wonder Girl, with Curran Walters as Jason Todd.

Titans is now available exclusively on DC Universe in the U.S. and on Netflix internationally. Titans has been renewed for a second season on DC Universe, although no release date has been confirmed yet. Also, Doom Patrol’s first season is currently streaming on DC Universe. The Swamp Thing and Stargirl are series are currently in development and are expected to come out later thiFs year on DC’s streaming platform.

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New ‘Titans’ Photos Unite The DC Heroes & The Doom Patrol

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Titans DC Universe Doom PatrolDC Universe has unveiled new photos from the upcoming episode of Titans featuring the Doom Patrol.

The next episode of Titans will introduce the Doom Patrol to the DC Universe world and new photos from the hour offer fans another look at the team. Included in the photo set are Cliff Steele aka Robotman, Larry Trainor aka Negative Man and Rita Farr aka Elastiwoman.

You can check out the first photo below and click "Next" to continue the gallery!

Titans DC Universe Doom Patrol

You can read the official synopsis for the episode below!

Now aware of Rachel's power, Dick and Kory unite to find her. Escaped from the convent that sought to imprison her, Rachel puts her trust in Gar who reveals his own transformative powers. Seeking refuge, Gar brings Rachel home to his "family" – a group of misfit medical experiments we will come to know as The Doom Patrol (including Cliff Steele aka Robotman, Larry Trainor aka Negative Man and Rita Farr aka Elastiwoman) – in hopes of helping the girl. But what starts as a place of comfort for Rachel, soon turns dark under the scientific curiosity of The Doom Patrol's leader Dr. Niles Caulder, whose experiment into Rachel's powers threatens to set free a darkness, and reveal a new level of evil waiting to escape.

Titans stars Brenton Thwaites as Richard “Dick” Grayson / Robin, Anna Diop as Koriand’r / Starfire, Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth / Raven, and Ryan Potter as Garfield “Gar” Logan / Beast Boy.

Titans is now available exclusively on the DC Universe.

Titans DC Universe Doom Patrol

Titans DC Universe Doom Patrol

Titans DC Universe Doom Patrol

Titans DC Universe Doom Patrol

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