Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Rumored To Lead ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

The web-head takes the lead!

Tom Holland Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Secret Wars is set to be the culimination of over two decades of Marvel properties and the MCU. A new rumor suggests Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be the character to lead the film.

One of the biggest complaints about the current phase of the MCU is that it lacks a true “face” to represent the franchise, leaving many fans to wonder who would helm the culmination of the Multiverse Saga in Avengers: Secret Wars. According to a new rumor, it will be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man who will serve as the film’s main protagonist, being joined by characters from across Marvel’s long cinematic history:

It’s certainly interesting to see Tom Holland as the protagonist of Avengers: Secret Wars. While Spider-Man has certainly been the biggest name in the MCU in recent years, the character was far from the focal point of either Secret Wars comic. It will be interesting to see how the MCU adapts such an iconic event and what other Marvel characters may join Holland in leading roles.

The future of the Avengers franchise

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is the first movie in a two-part finale to Marvel’s Multiverse Saga. It will be followed by Avengers: Secret Wars, rounding out Marvel Studios’ Phase 6. Both films are scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2025.

Destin Daniel Cretton is set to direct Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, with Jeff Loveness attached to write. Michael Waldron will write Avengers: Secret Wars, though there is no director attached to the project.

With the expansive Multiverse Saga and its star-studded cast at the helm, Marvel fans are undoubtedly on edge for the next two Avengers movies. Regardless of how fans interpret Robert Downey Jr.’s comments, one thing is certain: Marvel Studios has a grand vision in mind.

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