Top 10 Moments From ‘Suicide Squad’ Blitz Trailer

Suicide Squad

A brand-spankin’ new Suicide Squad trailer, subtitled “Blitz,” premiered after tonight’s MTV Movie Awards and we here at Heroic Hollywood have scoured it with a fine-tooth comb to bring you the very best moments and Easter eggs.

Heroic bossman Umberto Gonzalez broke the news of the trailer on last week’s Heroic Insider (seriously, if you’re a film geek, it’s must-watch entertainment) and confirmed its airing today via Entertainment Tonight. As he said on Heroic Insider, the trailer is cut to the jaunty “Ballroom Blitz,” hence the subtitle.

It works in two ways: a) by continuing a trend set not only by this film’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer (the breakdown of which Umberto also broke exclusively), but initiated by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s famous “Hooked on a Feeling” trailer and b) by contrasting well with Ayer’s grimy, macho tone.

It’s also a good indicator of the less existential, more irreverent tone Warner Bros. is seeking with its Suicide Squad reshoots and mandate to make Justice League a “crowd-pleaser” (although the fact that pleasing the crowd only now appears relevant is bit concerning).

Those are my initial thoughts, now on with the show! Click Next to scroll through.


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

Sam is a writer and journalist whose passion for pop culture burns with the fire of a thousand suns and at least three LED lamps.

  • Origami Rose

    Here is to hoping to they wont release anymore trailers till the month of release date

    • Gabe323

      I hope so too. It’s neat that we still don’t know who the main villain is yet.

      • bluetide79

        the main villian is the enchantress.

      • Cindy Smith

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  • jollybrah

    Loved this trailer, wasn’t to hot on the first to but this one got me. So hyped. Bring on the DCEU!

  • I’ve been sold on this movie for a while, but this trailer confirms my excitement. Let’s hope the movie lives up to the promise of the marketing.

  • SuperBuckeye30

    Did I miss the Top 10 Moments from the Captain America: Civil War trailer from a few weeks ago? I’d love to get your perspective on that.

    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      No, you didn’t miss it, I did. We’re going to be writing a lot more trailer breakdowns though so that won’t happen in the future. Thanks for reading!