Top 5 Directors Who Could Direct ‘The Flash’

imageSeth Grahame Smith departed the directors chair of The Flash  last week and that got me thinking: Who could be a good replacement?

I was really apprehensive about the Seth Grahame Smith signing since day one. I remember it like it was yesterday, when I was informed. He was never a good choice. I thought it was weird that WB would put a rookie director on a film that has a lot of pressure surrounding it. The Flash Television Series is killing it and they need someone who can take the character to the next level.

Grahame, in my own opinion, just wasn’t the guy. I think he’s an excellent writer and I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter(The book), but he just wasn’t the right man for The Flash. His script may be really good, but his directorial skills are unknown and I know a lot of folks agree. This wasn’t a lost at all. This was Warner Bros. waking up and deciding that they can’t take any more risks.

Batman v Superman was a financial and critical disappointment, whether you like it or not. So, WB has to think smarter about their up coming films. For The Flash, you need someone who’s good with visuals and effects, who can tell a story and make the movie fun. So, I decided to make a top 5 list of directors I think Warner Bros. should take a look at. You can check them out by clicking next.


Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

Running things at HH. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @NateBrail

  • LupeX

    For a second I though you weren’t going to list Edgar Wright lol
    Not only would he be perfect technically, the auteur collective of free artists that WB has established with the DCEU will be perfect for his sensibilities,
    it will be great corporate gamesmanship dealing MARVEL a painful body blow
    it will steal some market share from MCU fans who were upset at the departure of Wright from his ANTMAN project.

    • Axxell

      Wouldn’t it be ironic of him to get the job someone else left behind because of creative differences?

  • Brennan Klensch

    I’ve wanted Guy Richie ever since BvS; forgot he was such company man! (This gives me big hope they’ll at least approach him!)

    And I can’t believe I didn’t think of Edgar Wright! He’d be awesome

    Gonna have to disagree with all the others but man, those top 2: perfect.

    • flavortang

      Give Guy Ritchie Justice League Dark so he can direct John Constantine as a true Brit!

      • Brennan Klensch

        While I love Guy Ritchie and can appreciate it being under British helm, I am holding out some hope the project doesn’t die and that they give it to Sam Raimi; I honestly can’t picture anyone better

  • Pele Loveseat

    Guy Ritchie or Edgar Wright would be fantastic choices.

  • Balu

    Edgar Wright or Doug Liman…couldn’t go wrong with these two but Edgar Wright would definitely be the guy

    • Red Queen

      Yeah, he’s my choice too.

  • Red Queen

    Absolutely agree with your first choice. Wright would be perfect!

    • flavortang

      Yup. I’ve been saying that for awhile. Just look at World’s End and Scott Pilgrim and imagine his creative genius attached to Flash.

      • Elizabethssmith

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  • Wright and Ritchie are good choices but I’ve been shouting that Ben Stiller (yes that Ben Stiller) should direct the Flash. He’s actually a very good director in both comedy and drama and has shown he can handle visual effects (Walter Schmitty) and action (Tropic Thunder in certain scenes).

    He would be the Jon Favrea of the DC world. I can guarantee you he would nail the character and give us a unique but all across the board appealing film toe the masses (what MOS/BVS missed).

  • Evan

    I absolutely loved Edge of Tomorrow… so I am down with Doug Liman! But if you want to excite the audience and critics then Edgar Wright is the way to go!!

  • Omar Vergara

    i was thinking in a more “indie” route with Adam Wingard and his writing partner Simon Barrett (You’re Next and The Guest) to do the movie. But DC probably wants to go big.