‘Venom’ Team Explain How The Film Reinvents The Anti-Hero Without Spider-Man


While Venom’s origin in the comics is heavily tied to Spider-Man, Sony’s new standalone film about the Marvel anti-hero will have to retell that story without the fan-favorite wall-crawler. During an on-set interview with IGN, the creative team behind the new film will reinvent the titular character without Spider-Man.

VFX supervisor Paul Franklin commented on how this tale will be distinct:

“Our movie is an origins movie.  We show how the Venom symbiote came to Earth, how Eddie Brock got to meet the symbiote, how it bonded with him, and then ultimately became the Venom character that we all know from the comics.”

Production designer Oliver Scholl added that this version of the character will not be based on the Spider-Man Venom:

“Inherently, Venom is a darker character, so the high school element of Spider-Man doesn’t really apply here.”

The lack of Spider-Man also means the symbiote will first bond with Eddie Brock, unlike the comics, and Paul Franklin discussed how the team had to rethink how it bonded with Brock:

“Venom is obviously a character that has been established already in the comic books. So we have a lot of visual reference to go on. But what’s really interesting about Venom compared to other superhero characters is that every artist interprets him differently. Venom is constantly changing, because he’s this amorphous, shape-changing symbiote.”

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Directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner and Kelly Marcel, the film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Jenny Slate and Riz Ahmed, with Woody Harrelson. It opens in theaters on October 5, 2018.

Source: IGN

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