AMC Officially Reveals When Rick Grimes Is Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’

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It’s Andrew Lincoln’s final season of The Walking Dead, but Lincoln has already stated that he’s coming back to direct an episode. This is the final hurrah for Rick Grimes, but we still don’t know the method in which he will exit or, also likely, be killed. No one knows the exact details of how the series lead for the entire run will ultimately leave. Same with Lauren Cohan soon departing as Maggie as well. But there’s one thing for sure, AMC definitely wants you to know that yes, Rick Grimes’ final episodes are upon us.

And AMC has done a good job reminding viewers time and time again that this is Rick Grimes’ final season. You’d think they wanted to push this in the marketing so much as a way to boost the ratings to, say, Season 5 or Season 7 premiere numbers. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, if the current numbers are any indication. Nonetheless, in light of last night’s episode, titled “Warning Signs,” the utopia that Rick Grimes is trying to make a reality — partially in remembrance of Carl — is slowly crumbling with many communities still distrustful of the Saviors.

So time’s running out for Rick Grimes to make that world a reality, if he is indeed going to exit for good. And how long of a wait will that be? Well, two episodes. Quite early in the season for the main lead to exit, sure, but that’s the case when you look at the Twitter for either AMC or The Walking Dead itself. And right after the end of last night’s episode, the Twitter handle for The Walking Dead tweeted out that “After this week Rick Grimes has TWO EPISODES LEFT. You don’t want to miss a second of it ? #TheWalkingDead.” Here, have a look at the announcement of Rick Grimes’ final two episodes in the tweet below.

Indeed, fans won’t want to miss it in order to find out if Rick Grimes will indeed bite the big one or if there will be another way for him to exit The Walking Dead. Are you anticipating something huge for the last two episodes for Rick Grimes? Let us know your thoughts and how he could exit the series in the comments below.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 P.M. on AMC.

Source: Twitter

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