Wasp Actress Evangeline Lilly Speaks On Marvel Contract Following Retirement Announcement

Is Evangeline Lilly stuck with Marvel?

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Is Evangeline Lilly officially free from the Marvel universe? The actress speaks on her contract for playing The Wasp in Ant-Man following the announcement of her retirement.

Earlier this week Evangeline Lilly revealed that she would be stepping away from acting for the foreseeable future, essentially entering a form of retirement to pursue more philanthropic endeavors. This was widely celebrated by fans, congratulating her on getting away from the rat race, especially after almost 10 years playing The Wasp in Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise.

However, some fans began to wonder if Evangeline Lilly was breaking any contracts by stepping away from acting. After all, Marvel usually signs their heroes to a pretty hefty contract. If Lilly still had Ant-Man films left to do, she would legally have to return to the role of The Wasp during her retirement.

Evangeline Lilly Speaks On Her Marvel Contract

To many fans’ surprise, it seems Evangeline Lilly’s retirement is far from breaking news behind closed doors. In a statement recently published by Variety, the actress revealed that she’d been taking a break from acting for the past few years following filming wrapping on the last Ant-Man movie. At this time, she currently has no obligation to Marvel to return as The Wasp.

“I have actually been on a hiatus from acting for the past three years already (since finishing work on Quantumania). This time outside of the business has brought me a grounding sense of fulfillment and joy.”

“I could return tomorrow, two years from now or never, but at the moment I am not actively pursuing any work in the industry and am not under any contractual obligations to anybody. I am devoting my time to my humanitarian work and my writing.”

This may be disappointing to Ant-Man fans who were hoping Evangeline Lilly could appear for one final time as The Wasp. However, this simply means she’s not forced to return to the role, and it’s possible Marvel could convince her to come back in the future (especially for the right price!) So Lilly isn’t saying goodbye to Hollywood forever, just goodbye for now.

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