Who Could Play The ‘Justice League Dark’? We Have Some Ideas


After months of lying dormant, the Dark Universe film aka Justice League Dark is back! In my extensive report last week on the future of the DCEU post-Suicide Squad, I noted that, among the unscheduled DCEU films, Dark Universe was the most uncertain. Guillermo del Toro developed the script for two years before departing, leaving the project without a creative voice. Megaproducer Scott Rudin came in to save the film in November last year and started to get the ball rolling on the film.

Now almost a year later, Dark Universe has a new director: Doug Liman, freshly departed from Fox’s ill-fated Gambit movie. With a director on board, the film can finally come together apace and that means casting. The team will consist of John Constantine, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman and Swamp Thing. As for possible villains and plot description, keep reading until the end. Caveat: I’m not an expert on the comics, so my suggestions are based on what I know about the film and may come out of left-field.

Without further ado, here’s are my casting picks for the Dark Universe roles. Click Next to start!


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • flavortang

    They were looking to cast a black or hispanic actress for Zatanna? *sigh* Enough with these forced diversity hires. Zatanna has never been in live action. She’s white. Cast a damn white actress: Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Daddario, Zooey Deschanel, Lily Collins, .etc.

    Cast Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Vixen for Zeus’s sake.

  • fox

    Tom Cruise for Constantine? Please pass around some of that crack that is being smoked over there. Can he even do a British accent?

  • Antonio

    Lol it’s funny other than Zoey, none of the women he mentioned are fully white, they’re mixed with something. It’s also interesting that ppl like the person who left that comment are claiming its forced diversity, but receipts and research have shown that diverse films bring in more box office revenue but anyway. The picks are fine by me other than Cruise and Fassbender.

  • Sabari R

    You are a special kind of stupid by comparing these characters to Guardians of the Galaxy. Constantine already had a movie before anyone even heard of Starlord or Gomura. -_- ..

  • Carl

    These are all very typical casting ideas, except Zatanna (not buying the ethnic angle). They are probably going to look for more obscure actors to accompany 2 stars.