‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Director Patty Jenkins Reveals Why She Left ‘Thor: The Dark World’

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Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins breaks down why exactly she left the 2013 Marvel film, Thor: The Dark World.

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins left the production of Thor: The Dark World amid creative differences with the studio. The film that she wanted to make was apparently fundamentally at odds with what the people in charge of Marvel wanted at the time. Eventually, Patty Jenkins would be replaced by director Alan Taylor and the end result is a film that many fans to this day will argue is the worst of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. So perhaps Patty Jenkins was better off leaving the film behind.

Eventually, Patty Jenkins would be hired to direct the 2017 hit, Wonder Woman and is currently working on the film’s sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Patty Jenkins further broke down why she left the production of Thor: The Dark World. As it turned out, the Wonder Woman 1984 director didn’t like the film’s script and wasn’t willing to take responsibility for a movie that she didn’t believe in:

“I did not believe that I could make a good movie out of the script that they were planning on doing. I think it would have been a huge deal—it would have looked like it was my fault. It would’ve looked like, ‘Oh my God, this woman directed it and she missed all these things.’ That was the one time in my career where I really felt like, Do this with [another director] and it’s not going to be a big deal. And maybe they’ll understand it and love it more than I do. You can’t do movies you don’t believe in. The only reason to do it would be to prove to people that I could. But it wouldn’t have proved anything if I didn’t succeed. I don’t think that I would have gotten another chance. And so, I’m super grateful.”

What do you all make of Patty Jenkins’ comments? Are you glad the Wonder Woman director left Thor: The Dark World? What did you think of the second Thor film? Are you looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Full details on the plot of Patty Jenkins’ next film, Wonder Woman 1984, are being kept under wraps, but the film is said to follow Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince as she comes into conflict with a formidable new adversary named Cheetah and businessman Maxwell Lord.

Directed by Patty Jenkins from a script she co-wrote with David Callaham and a treatment she developed with Geoff Johns, the film stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Connie Nielson, and Robin Wright.

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on August 14, 2020.

Source: Vanity Fair

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