‘Wonder Woman’: Chris Pine & Cinematographer Talk Bath Scene

Wonder Woman Chris Pine Steve TrevorThis article contains minor spoilers for Wonder Woman. You have been warned. 

It is heartwarming to see all the universal praise Wonder Woman has been receiving. Seeing director Patty Jenkins hit a major home run like this will certainly invoke a major statement to Hollywood about hiring more female directors for major blockbusters. Thanks to her, audiences were greeted with what may be the most romantic movie in the superhero genre – much of which is thanks to the chemistry of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

Pine in particular stood out in this film. The relationship between Diana and Steve serves as the emotional center of the film, and that is due to the great conversations the duo share throughout the film. The relationship does not feel forced, and their camaraderie is effortlessly entertaining.

In the film’s first act, one of the film’s funnier scenes occurs when we see Steve bathing in one of Themyscira’s beautiful pools. He steps out of his bath, fully naked in front of Diana as he shows her the watch he owns.

Pine spoke with KABC of Los Angeles about his experience filming the bath scene:

I actually knew I was going to do the movie because of that. I felt like Kate Capshaw or something in Indiana Jones [and the Temple of Doom]. It was just such a funny, such a male, such a dumb joke. It was a great moment. I really enjoyed that.

Cinematographer Matthew Jensen spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about filming this scene:

It was about lighting the scene as if the light was coming from those vases and the healing water Chris is in, but also giving enough light to make them look attractive and still see them and get things in focus. It had to feel real and also register on film and also have mood and texture. And then during all of that, all the while remember that this is an intimate scene between two characters forging their bond at the beginning. The pool was leaking which was hilarious. There are all sorts of challenges to overcome, even just a simple scene. The great thing about all of that is Chris and Gal had such good chemistry and Patty was so good at just sort of shrinking the whole process down, so it became about them in the room relating and us getting out of the way with the camera. And not being fancy and just allowing two characters to relate.

It is quite rare to see a surprisingly wholesome joke involving nudity in this day and age. The fact that this kind of joke appeared in of all movies, Wonder Woman is so interesting. Leave it to Jenkins, Gadot, Pine and Jensen for pulling something like that off.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.

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