‘X-Men’: Michael Fassbender Reveals New Details On Magneto’s Role In Genosha In ‘Dark Phoenix’

X-Men Dark Phoenix Michael FassbenderMichael Fassbender spoke at Ace Comic Con Phoenix and gave us some inside knowledge as to where Magneto’s head is at in the upcoming installment of the X-Men saga, Dark Phoenix.

The master of metal has found himself a new home in Genosha, a sanctuary for mutants that he helped claim from the Genoshan government in the comics. Fassbender explained:

“Well I think, you know, Genosha’s a pretty cool idea and always it’s that thing with Magneto, you can’t really argue with his philosophies in some ways, but his methods, of course, are very extreme. But what he’s done in Genosha is kind of cool because he’s sort of stepped out of the conflict, if you will, and said, ‘Okay, you know, just give us this place that’s our own and just leave us be and we’ll be self-sufficient and anybody who’s willing to sort of not bring violence to the area and sort of pitch in and do their part, then they have a home there and they’re welcome there.’ And I think, you know, it’s a pretty cool philosophy. And there’s only something that happens outside of Genosha that sort of drags him away from this place that he’s set up. But it was cool when [director] Simon Kinberg was developing Genosha and we were walking around it and it’s like, it’s sort of off-the-grid, self-sustained community. It’s pretty beautiful. But then of course, then you see the other side of him once he makes the decision to do something it’s go big or go home.”

What is interesting to see is that Magneto has created a haven for mutants just like his friend and fellow mutant Professor X. A place where mutants can live in peace without interference from the outside world. The difference is that their new home has been taken by force, demonstrating that his philosophy hasn’t changed much but it could be a step in the right direction.

The answer to the question of is Magneto a hero or villain isn’t so black or white, unfortunately. We do know that Magneto will return to fight alongside his X-Men companions, but we’re still unsure as to what will cause him to leave his new home. Fassbender also commented on how the character’s philosophies are still very much in line with the character we’ve seen in previous films:

“I think the ends justify the means, you know?. He’s quite Machiavellian in that, and, like you said, because of his history, because he’s endured so much sort of suffering in terms of the personal relationships he’s developed and what humans have done and taken that away from him you understand his extremism and sort of his motivation.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is directed by Simon Kinberg and stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain.

“In DARK PHOENIX, the X-MEN face their most formidable and powerful foe: one of their own, Jean Grey. During a rescue mission in space, Jean is nearly killed when she is hit by a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this force not only makes her infinitely more powerful, but far more unstable. Wrestling with this entity inside her, Jean unleashes her powers in ways she can neither comprehend nor contain. With Jean spiraling out of control, and hurting the ones she loves most, she begins to unravel the very fabric that holds the X-Men together. Now, with this family falling apart, they must find a way to unite — not only to save Jean’s soul, but to save our very planet from aliens who wish to weaponize this force and rule the galaxy.”

The film is set to hit theaters on June 7, 2019. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of the X-Men franchise as we learn it.

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