‘X-Men’ Producer Doesn’t Want To Think About Recasting Wolverine

WolverineHugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine over the course of nine films and nearly 17 years will go down in comic book cinematic history as one of the most committed portrayals in the genre. After nearly two decades, Jackman’s commitment to Wolverine culminated into James Mangold’s near-masterpiece Logan. 

Now that Jackman is moving onto different projects, the prospects of recasting Wolverine must have crossed the minds of the producers behind the X-Men films. But according to Hutch Parker, the idea of finding someone else to wield the adamantium claws is pretty difficult. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Parker spoke on the matter of recasting Wolverine:

It’s a great question. Look, I think for all of us, at the moment, and for some of us it goes back to the very first time Hugh put on the costume. The idea of casting someone else as Wolverine is just not something I can think about. [Laughs] And I don’t know. There’s part of me that thinks that he’s done such a brilliant job and is so iconic in the part, that we should leave it alone. And yet, I know there’s always a possibility that either we find a story, or a situation comes along where you think, ‘OK, maybe we should consider that.’ But at the moment, we’re kind of leaving that alone.

If you were to ask me, the X-Men producers should take a break from Wolverine – especially after the absolutely perfect ending that Logan has. There are plenty of mutants within the comics that can be explored, and given the future of these films, it seems that despite that audiences will miss Wolverine’s presence, it will inspire the writers to craft some newer, exciting stories to take these mutants to the next level.

Logan is now available on Digital HD. It will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K on Tuesday, May 23.

Source: CinemaBlend 

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  • Monty

    Let Logan (the movie) marinade for a few years. Wait until 2019 before considering it.

  • Slade Howlett

    the problem is that they are now doing X-men stories that really need Wolverine as part of the X-team. we know that at some point Logan joined them and was an X-man for years. and with them now doing these X-Men stories from the past it will become increasingly difficult to leave Logan out of those.

    Take Dark Phoenix for example. one of the biggest (if not the biggest) X-men story of all time and Wolverine will not be in it as part of the team? Thats just ridiculous.