‘X-Men’ Star Reveals Conservative Politicians Loved Senator Kelly

'X-Men's Bruce Davison revealed that conservative politicians loved Senator Kelly.

Bruce Davison X-Men Senator Kelly

X-Men star Bruce Davison has revealed that conservative politicians loved his antagonist character, Senator Kelly.

In the comics and most adaptations, Senator Robert Kelly is a politician who spearheads The Mutant Registration Act. A not so subtle stand-in for conservative politicians who stood against various Civil Rights Acts, the character served as one of the series main antagonists. Eventually, in the comics, he would change his ways and in the 1990s animated series even became President and was openly supportive of Mutant rights.

In the X-Men films, Senator Kelly is played by actor Bruce Davison. Like his comic book counterpart, Senator Kelly spearheaded the Mutant Registration Act, prompting Magneto to kidnap him and turn him into a mutant. Unfortunately, Senator Kelly did not survive the transformation with Mystique impersonating him in X2: X-Men United. While in Washington for the Creative Coalition, Bruce Davison discovered that there were many politicians that really liked and related to Senator Kelly.

While speaking to Inverse, Bruce Davison recounted how Republican politicians would go absolutely nuts for his Senator Kelly character:

“I was spending a lot of time in Washington with the Creative Coalition campaigning for the arts, and they would only send me into the Republican offices because the Republicans would all go nuts over Senator Kelly. It was great, talking to Brownback and his people about, ‘Oh, yeah, Senator Kelly. I can identify with this guy.’”

What do you all make of Bruse Davison’s words? Does it shock you to hear that conservative politicians relate to Senator Kelly from the X-Men franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Source: Inverse

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