‘Firestarter’ Star Zac Effron Says He’s Ready To Jump Into The MCU

Zac Effron's ready to become a superhero.

Zac Effron Firestarter Marvel MCU Avengers

Zac Effron, the actor famed for roles in High School Musical and The Greatest Showman has said he is ready to take on a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since making his name in the High School Musical movies, Zac Effron has come a long way. He has appeared opposite Robert De Niro in adult comedy Dirty Grandpa, returned to his musical roots in the more theatrical The Greatest Showman with X-Men star Hugh Jackman, and is now about to appear in the sci-fi horror Firestarter. Effron has gone from strength to strength in recent years and now he has his sights set on cinema’s mighty Marvel machine.

While promoting the Stephen King adaptation Firestarter in a recent interview with Extra TV, Zac Effron was asked whether he would ever consider playing a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Effron admitted to being a lifelong Marvel fan and said he would jump at the chance to join the MCU:

“I love the Marvel universe. I’ve been a fan of Marvel since I started walking. If the right character comes along, and they want me to jump in, I would jump at the opportunity.”

While fans are still waiting for Zac Effron to show up in a Marvel project, the MCU has a wealth of source material to draw upon, filled with characters who could be the right fit. After movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings proved Marvel could make a success of even their most obscure characters, there is almost no limit to the number of projects for which Effron could be considered.

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Source: Extra TV