‘Justice League’ Director Zack Snyder Didn’t Want To Make ‘Propaganda’ With Batman & Superman

Zack Snyder's Batman and Superman approach explained!

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Many fans have criticized the way Zack Snyder handled Batman and Superman in his Snyderverse. According to the Justice League director, those controversial elements were intentional to try to avoid making “propaganda” using the characters.

Zack Snyder has long been lambasted for how he handled his Justice League roster. Despite many fans loving his versions of the characters, Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader has been criticized for being too brutal, and Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel for being too dark. The director seems to have a different outlook, with Snyder claiming he wanted to avoid making propaganda using the characters he loves:

“How could I look at Superman, Batman with a straight face and just say ‘Here he is, enjoy,'” Snyder explained in a profile by The Hollywood Reporter. “I love the characters, I’m not saying I wanted to break them or make them less than they are. But I’m also not going to hand them over like a piece of pure propaganda that said Superman is awesome or that Batman has an unbreakable moral code.”

While it can certainly be appreciated that Zack Snyder didn’t dull down the characters for a wider audience when adapting the Justice League, many fans would argue they didn’t want propaganda. Instead, they felt the director’s versions of Batman and Superman missed the point of the characters entirely. Though with a brand new DC Universe on the horizon with James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm, it seems Snyder’s versions of the characters won’t be returning anytime soon.

The SnyderVerse era is over for now

The term “SnyderVerse” refers to the interconnected film universe that Zack Snyder created, which began with Man of Steel and continued with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Those plans have been scrapped in favor of an interconnected DC Universe consisting of film, television, animation and video game projects, with James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm.

Despite its mixed reception, the SnyderVerse has a dedicated fanbase that appreciates Zack Snyder’s DC Universe vision. Fans have praised the SnyderVerse films for their darker tone and mature storytelling. They have also criticized Warner Bros. and DC’s interference with Snyder’s DCU plans, which they believe resulted in the lackluster final product of Justice League.

In 2021, Zack Snyder released his four-hour long Justice League cut on the WarnerMedia streaming service HBO Max. His version of Justice League was well received by fans and critics alike, who praised its improvement over the original version of the movie, which was overseen by Joss Whedon. The release of the Snyder Cut has reignited interest in the SnyderVerse and sparked speculation about its future.

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