AMC CEO Thinks Movie Theaters Might Be Able To Re-Open By Mid-June

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AMC CEO Adam Aron revealed that he believes movie theaters could be able to re-open by mid-June.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses, including AMC Theaters, to close as people across the world try to remain indoors as much as possible in order to slow the spread of the virus. Consequently, studios have delayed the release of their respective summer 2020 projects due to the fact that it currently remains unclear just how long this period of self-isolation will last.

During an interview with CNBC, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron discussed the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the movie theater business. During the conversation, Aron revealed that he hopes theaters will be able to re-open their doors by mid-June, though he added that no one can be certain:

“When we did shut, we said we expected to be shut for six to twelve weeks. That would be May 1 to mid-June. That might be more the right timing, but nobody knows.”

While many have long believed the home media and streaming services would negatively impact movie theaters, Aron expressed his belief that moviegoers will flock to cinemas once the coronavirus crisis has abated:

“I think if we learned anything in the last two weeks is people just so want to get out of their houses. I think we’re all feeling cooped up and want to get out and have life return to normal. But that’s not gonna happen in the next few days or next few weeks.”

The AMC CEO also noted that once the pandemic winds down, the entertainment industry will come back relatively quickly “because people want to be entertained. […] Good times are ahead of us. I’m an optimist and believe that with heart and soul.”

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the entertainment industry across the world. China recently reversed a decision to gradually re-open theaters due to what insiders say could be concern about the second wave of coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to delay summer 2020 projects amid the pandemic, with Sony recently opting to postpone projects such as Morbius and Ghostbusters: Afterlife until next year.

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Source: CNBC

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