AMC Theaters Announces Plans To Reopen By Mid-July

AMC Theaters has announced its plan to reopen its locations in phases as the summer progresses.

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AMC Theaters has announced its plan to begin reopening its theaters in mid-July in time for the release of Mulan and Tenet.

When the coronavirus became a worldwide pandemic, many businesses were forced to change how they operated. This, of course, included in the movie industry and many theaters had to shut down in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. One such theater chain was, of course, AMC Theaters, which has announced its new plan to reopen its theaters.

AMC Theaters has stated that the reopening of its theaters will happen in phases. The first phase will begin on July 15th keep their theatres at 30% capacity. A date for phase two has not been announced by it will raise the capacity to 40% and is hoping to raise it again to 50% by labor day. AMC Theaters is expecting to be ready for full capacity by Thanksgiving of this year.

AMC Theaters will reopen 450 of its locations although it was unclear as to which of the theaters would be open. It is, for example, currently unclear as to whether or not any of the theater chain’s locations will open in Los Angeles or New York City and is entirely dependent on health regulations in those cites. However, the plans for the reopening of the theater industry has begun and AMC Theaters is determined to be open in time for Mulan and Tenet.

What do you all make of this new development? Are you surprised to see that AMC Theaters is planning on reopening its locations? Should Warner Bros and Disney have pushed films like Tenet and Mulan back further? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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