AMC Theaters To Reopen This Month With 15 Cent Tickets

AMC Theaters gets a new reopening date.

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AMC Theaters has announced a new reopening date as well as a new ticket price to celebrate the chain’s 100-year history.

Since the coronavirus spread outside of China the big question that has been looming on many people’s minds has been when movie theaters will reopen. The vast majority of films have either opted to delay their release dates or be sent directly to on-demand and other streaming means. Various theater chains like AMC have attempted to bring about new opening dates with little success.

AMC Theaters had originally planned to reopen in mid-July but had to continuously push back the reopening date as the coronavirus situation in the United States continued to worsen. To make matters worse, the theater chain lost over $2B in the first quarter of 2020 as well as an additional $500M for the second quarter. Given the company’s dire situation, it’s no surprise that the theater chain is attempting to reopen once again.

Earlier today AMC announced that it would be reopening on August 20th in select locations. In addition, the theater chain will sell tickets for 15 cents for a limited time. Whether or not it sticks to this release date, however, remains to be seen.

AMC Theaters reopening does beg the question as to what will be available to see. The New Mutants is still maintaining its August 28th release date with Tenet also hoping to debut in the United States over labor day weekend. However, AT&T has suggested that further delays of Warner Bros. films may still be possible and Disney analysts expect that the company will not release a major film until the summer of 2021. Whether or not AMC Theaters will remain open in light of these potential delays is the big question that only time will answer.

What do you all make of this new reopening date? Do you think AMC Theaters will maintain it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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