Bassem Youssef & James Gunn’s ‘Superman: Legacy’ Casting Controversy Explained

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Did James Gunn really fire an actor for pro-Palestinian comments? Bassem Youssef sets the record straight on his lost Superman: Legacy role.

This past weekend has been one of the most controversial in the (short) history of DC Studios. Everything started when, during a recent interview, Bassem Youssef revealed he was in talks for a role in Superman: Legacy before being cut from the film, which he speculated was due to his pro-Palestinian comments. It should be noted that, even during this conversation, Youssef admitted this was only speculation and he was open to being proved wrong.

This lit a social media firestorm due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. While James Gunn didn’t officially respond to Bassem Youssef’s comments, he did confirm the report from Variety that said Youssef was never officially signed on for a role, with the character he was in talks removed from the script before the Hollywood strikes. In response, Youssef has released a video retelling his side of the story and setting the record straight once and for all.

It certainly seems there’s no more ill will between Bassem Youssef and James Gunn over the lost Superman: Legacy role, with Gunn himself even saying that they’ve talked and “they’re good.” However, this is yet another example of how sometimes social media can amplify misunderstandings into drama. Here’s to hoping, even if he won’t be appearing anytime soon, Youssef can find his home at DC Studios in the future!

What to expect from Superman’s DC Universe debut

Superman: Legacy is a much-anticipated project, given that Clark Kent has been an integral part of the DC Universe for over 80 years, with various iterations and adaptations across different media. The movie promises to explore the character’s origins and his struggles to balance his dual identities as Clark and Superman while fighting off villains and saving the world. The choice to focus on the early years of his career is a bold move that could potentially breathe new life into the character and appeal to a younger generation of fans.

James Gunn and Peter Safran told journalists that their vision for the DC Universe includes locked scripts, wiggle room, and a unified storyline across film, television, animation, and video game projects. The two explained that the DC Universe could bring back elements from previous DC regimes, meaning that their eight-to-year plan is not a full reboot.

Superman: Legacy is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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