‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Character Designs Allegedly Leak Online

Batman: Caped Crusader gets a new look!

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The first character designs for Batman: Caped Crusader have leaked online, and the new looks for the iconic DC characters have left fans torn.

Despite being one of the most anticipated animated DC projects, details about Batman: Caped Crusader have been kept close to the chest. No trailer, no posters, not even a release date — despite the fact the series was originally expected to premiere in 2023.

However, it seems the first details about Batman: Caped Crusader have finally come out. Not via official channels, sadly, but through leaks. While DC has been quick to scrub clean any posts showing the leaked character designs for Batman: Caped Crusader, there are plenty of mirrors reposted online to keep the speculation flowing.

What The Leaked ‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Designs Reveal About The Series

It’s clear that Batman: Caped Crusader is keeping things classic. Even more classic than the original animated series it seems, as each of the designs seems to harken back to the golden age of DC Comics.

There are eight characters being circulated with the main set of leaks: Two-Face, Catwoman, Renee Montoya, Gentleman Ghost, Clayface, Natalia Knight (Nocturna), Onomatopoeia, and Harley Quinn. Out of those eight, four take on fairly substantial redesigns from what fans may expect.

Catwoman and Two-Face have the most expected character designs out of the changed bunch. For Catwoman, Batman: Caped Crusader seems to be taking inspiration from her earliest appearances in her purple suit, before she traded out her cape and cowl for whips and chains. Two-Face is taking a similar approach, having much less severe scarring when compared to modern versions, resembling the days when Harvey Dent was his main identity.

Batman: Caped Crusader is also taking Clayface back to his original roots. While many DC fans picture Basil Karlo as a mutated blob of clay, the original incarnation of the character was far from what he’s known as today. The character was originally a serial killer, with the title “Clayface” coming from a movie character he played whose costume he used as a disguise.

Harley Quinn is the weirdest member of the pack. Unlike the others, Batman: Caped Crusader didn’t have golden-age comics to look back on when making her new character design. Instead, it seems the team tried its best to evoke the silliness of that age of comics while making something wholly new.

It seems as though Batman: Caped Crusader is a love letter to the earliest days of the DC character. While no release date is still set in stone, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a trailer finally drop in the coming months, giving fans a brand new look at the highly anticipated project. (This time, officially!)

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