Ben Affleck Praises Geoff Johns; Calls Him A “F*cking Genius”


With the advent of DC’s upcoming DC Rebirth # 1 launching this week, actor Ben Affleck is now singing praise for Geoff Johns, his co-writer for DC’s upcoming Batman Solo-Film, and the writer who’s penned what critically is being called one of the greatest moves by DC Comics in years.

In the quick video posted on Facebook, Affleck said:

“I would read anything by Geoff Johns. F*cking genius, I love him. I love DC, I’m really excited about where it’s going, and I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be on board and part of this DC universe.”

While this video is obviously poised at promoting the upcoming comic, fans should also take note that Affleck has been working closely with Geoff Johns on writing the upcoming Batman film, and the fact that Geoff Johns had been recently appointed to Co-Run DC Films for WB, so it would make sense for the actor to sing such high praise.

It comes as no surprise that reception to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice divided fans. While Affleck was almost unanimously praised for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman, the rest of the film was treated with hostility towards its darker tone. Following his appointing to his new role in DC Films, Johns stated he was aiming to bring “hope and optimism” back to DC comics (and it being highly likely that he would do the same with his new role in DC Films), and with both Affleck, and now Johns confirming their involvement in the upcoming Batman solo-film, fans should expect to see great things from the Dark Knight in the years to come.

Source: Facebook

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine is a Veteran to online entertainment journalism who has been covering television and movies since 2005. Follow him on twitter via @taylorlandine

  • Lupin

    Correction: “Johns stated he was aiming to bring “hope and optimism” back to DC [comics]”

    • Steve Steve

      He used the phrase multiple times during a discussion about the future of DC comics, but one can reasonably draw the inference that this mantra will apply as he assumes more control of the DCEU.

      • SAMURAI36

        You pulled this from someplace, but it wasn’t from Geoff’s mouth. He said NOTHING of the sort in the interview in question; in fact, he purposely avoided any/all movies questions during said interview.
        The interview was about Rebirth, & nothing else.

        • Steve Steve

          You struggle with reading-comprehension.

          • SAMURAI36

            You struggle with hypocrisy.

          • Steve Steve

            I would certainly prefer hypocrisy to incompetence.

          • SAMURAI36

            And of course, you not only are missing the irony, but you’re also deepening your hypocrisy. Good luck with that.

          • Fenix
          • SAMURAI36

            Ah, so your ran out of intellectual gas early in the runnings, & now you’ve opted to further debase yourself, by resorting to idiotic memes, that consist of the implied suggestion of performing a homosexual act?

            I think it’s time for someone to step away from the keyboard for awhile.

          • Fenix

            Here’s the thing, if BvS is such a well done movie why is no one in the film community standing up and praising it? Why is it not getting stellar reviews? Why is there all this restructuring going on at WB? Why did Charles Roven get removed from future projects? Why has no one uttered the phrase “boy, WB/DC sure seem to know exactly what they’re doing?” Why did the flash director get fired? How come a huge comic fanboy like Kevin Smith, who was paid to do a DCEU preview special with Geoff Johns, go on to trash the movie on his podcast? If critics or people in the industry don’t matter to you, why didn’t the movie receive a better cinema score? Even Umberto is making fun of BvS now. Now, before you go and say something dismissive about him, why then are you on his site?

          • SAMURAI36

            Yeah, okay, so I dunno what’s worse…..

            1) That in the wee hours of the morning, all’s you can think about, is A) BVS, & B) me.

            Two things you present as disliking so much, but that is what you lie in bed thinking about? And you had the nerve to question whether I get girls or not….

            2) That you ran out of intellectual gas before, & sent me that g&y &$$ meme, basically telling me to suck your d!ck (which again, is weird, cuz you’d just got done questioning MY manhood in the response prior), & now that you had time to process your dreams, you figure you got your second wind, & wanna have another go at me.

            Look man, I get it. Everyone wants a shot at the champ. I’m the big dog in the yard around here. I know how it goes. But you’re not gonna get your 15 minutes of fame off of me. You’ve gotten 5 minutes too many, as it is.

            I could go line for line & dissect each statement that you managed to conflate together here, but I won’t. Know why? Cuz I’m smarter than you. Each of those statements has a rebuttal, but why bother? We both know that the truth isn’t what you’re looking for, it’s just my attention that you want.

            One of these moments, when you’re lying in bed thinking about BVS & Sam36 like you obviously do, you’ll realize what both things have in common: we both go over your head, & you hate us for it.

            So fly away now, little bird. I’d had my way with you, & you now bring about boredom for me.

          • Fenix

            I got you to waste time with a really long rebuttal. Kudos on the bold font to really “hammer” your point home.

          • henryducard

            Breh! bacon!

        • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

          dc sucks let it go.

          • Napi

            DC sucks? It is funny because you’re nickname is inspired after a DC’s character… lol, that makes you a sucker though

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

            yes. your mum tell me to Sucker ?

          • theClownPrinceOfTrolls


        • Fenix

          If DC comics is so great how come they keep having to change their logo every couple of years? Why was New 52 Superman so terrible? Why aren’t they the number one publisher?

          Why is this a thing?

      • Lupin

        That should have been stated in the article. That it was about the films but it is reasonable that the idea may transfer over to films.

        • Steve Steve

          Fair enough. Information should always be properly presented; however, I don’t think it devalues the perspective of the article.

          • Lupin

            It’s poor journalism because here we have an error of the telephone game. I wouldn’t have known that information if I didn’t read the original HollywoodReporter article. Anyone that isn’t privy to that information will read this article and come away thinking that Johns specifically said ‘we’re bring back hope and optimism to DC Films’. Which is false.
            If I were a betting man, I would wager that the author of this article read a second hand account of the press event and that article had poor information in it as well. This is how rumors get spread.
            Because the inference that can be made from such a statement is that Geoff Johns is somehow not happy with the current DCEU and is looking to change it, meanwhile they have made no statement whatsoever to lead anyone to believe such a thing. This is how rumors get started.

          • Steve Steve

            The “hope and optimism” story was from vulture:

            Vulture combines the statements Johns made about the DC comics future plans with the Hollywood Reporter story of Johns ascending to the head of DC Films. It is perfectly logical to postulate that the two stories are connected. It it also incumbent on the reader to educate themselves as to the origins of the stories they read.

            Furthermore, This is not “journalism.” This is a movie-fan site that provides a forum and stories to generate discussion. To decry this site for lack of “journalistic integrity” is akin to decrying the literary structure of a single-cell comic.

          • Lupin

            ThnX for the clarification on it being Vulture.
            However the fact remains that they are spreading rumors and false statements
            Whether they are professional or amateur, they are journalists of some sort. Journalistic integrity applies here as well. Whether they are worthy of it or not. These sites are akin to tabloids, you can clai that they have no effect but imagine how many people would read this and other blogs that churn the same message after a while lies become truth.
            Imagine if people actually start to believe that DC is going to be light and fun and comedic like MARVEL because Geoff Johns said that he’s bringing “Hope & Optimism back to DCFilms” and this is actually not the case. Their expectations would not be met and we’ll hear the gnashing of teeth from here Siberia.
            This is why all these sites get no respect from the studios. The level of professionalism is close to nil. The comparison you made though harsh is quite apt. However it is their own doing.

          • Chris Johnson

            I agree with you. Given that the very same guy who repeatedly stated that “hope and optimism” was the new law over at DC Comics, it’s safe to also assume that he would bring that very same philosophy into his new job, especially considering the fact that when asked about his new title, he was quoted as saying “you can connect the dots.”

    • SAMURAI36

      Yeah, this is yet another epic fail on the part of HH. These guys really need to get their writing skills up.

    • Morgangcho3

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  • theClownPrinceOfTrolls

    of couse hes has good things to say…

    he said over the top nice things about hack snyder ..

    we al know how that turned out.. worst rated cbm of 2016 … lol 27%

  • Origami Rose

    Wasnt thistaken beforee BvS came out.