‘Blade’: Mia Goth Rumored To Star As Villain Lilith

Is the Queen of Screams the Queen of Vampires?

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Blade is the upcoming reboot of the iconic Wesley Snipes vampire classic starring Mahershala Ali as the titular dhampir. A new rumor suggests that he won’t be the only half-vampire in the film, with Mia Goth starring across him as Lilith, the daughter of Dracula.

This rumor comes from renowned insider Daniel Richtman on his Patreon, claiming that Mia Goth will premiere as a version of the character Lilith alongside Delroy Lindo as Deacon Frost, an iconic Blade villain obsessed with the secrets of immortality. While many sites are reporting that Mahershala Ali will be facing of against the Biblical Lilith in the film, the mother of demons and the first wife to Adam in the Garden of Eden, Richtman emphasizes he doesn’t know which version of Lilith that Goth will be playing in Blade, and that she may be a combination of the two.

The much more likely version of the two is the character known as Lilith Drake. This version would see Pearl and X star Mia Goth playing the first daughter of Dracula, born from the union between him and a Hungarian noblewoman named Zofia. Dracula despised Lilith from birth, eventually casting the two out when Lilith was still a child, which would lead to the death of her mother. This instilled a burning hatred for Dracula inside of her, turning her into both an ally and a villain to many heroes across Marvel comics depending on if they got in her way.

While the character has never formally crossed paths with Blade in the comics, Lilith’s status as a dhampir, a half-human/half-vampire, could serve as a basis for an incredibly interesting story that pushes the limits of the character’s morality. Though with Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali starring and Queen of Screams Mia Goth set to be his rival, it’s hard to imagine Blade will be anything but perfection.

The talent behind Marvel’s Blade movie

Yann Demange, known for directing White Boy Rick and ’71is at the helm of Marvel’s Blade movie, with a script penned by Michael Starrbury, who co-wrote Netflix’s When They See Us. Bassam Tariq was initially set to direct, but had to step down due to scheduling conflicts.

The original cast of Blade included Delroy Lindo, Aaron Pierre and Milan Ray, but it’s uncertain if they’re still attached to the project since it was supposed to begin production in November 2022 before undergoing a creative overhaul. For now, Blade is expected to begin shooting in a few weeks.

Blade is being produced by Marvel Studios veterans Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito and Eric Hauserman Carroll, with Bassam Tariq receiving an executive producer credit despite leaving the director’s chair. The movie is currently scheduled to hit theaters on September 6, 2024

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