RUMOR: Bryan Cranston Met With Marvel Studios To Discuss MCU Role

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Bryan Cranston Marvel Studios MCU Role

Is Bryan Cranston about to make his MCU debut? A new rumor suggests the Breaking Bad star may be on his way to joining the Marvel Universe.

Bryan Cranston has been a hot commodity ever since the Breaking Bad universe took its final bow. Fans have been wanting the actor to join the world of spandex and tights for years, be it with Marvel or DC. It seems those dreams are closer than ever, as a new rumor by scooper MyTimeToShineHello suggests Cranston recently met with Marvel Studios to discuss a role in the MCU.

There’s no word on what role Bryan Cranston would play in the MCU if he were cast. However, fans have a diverse range of ideas when it comes to what role he could play under Marvel Studios. Everyone from Charles Xavier to Norman Osborn has been suggested. However, it seems Cranston himself wants to play something more original.

Bryan Cranston Speaks On Joining The MCU

The Breaking Bad actor has spoken on potentially collaborating with Marvel Studios before. When asked if he’d join the MCU a few years back, Bryan Cranston admitted that he’d want to play a formidable villain who hasn’t been overdone in films before it. One interesting name thrown out was the always formidable Mister Sinister.

“I want to play an antagonist a fraction smarter than the protagonist, never dumbed down to give the hero an easy win. That’s frustrating and boring to watch,” Cranston explained to ScreenGeek. “…Actually, that was the character, I’ll admit. Mister Sinister was the character I was thinking about.”

“I guess it’s a selfish standpoint. I don’t want to do a character that has been done several times before. I don’t want to be compared like ‘well, his Commissioner Gordon was yada yada yada’ . I don’t want to do that. I want to take something that hasn’t been done.”

Bryan Cranston would certainly be an interesting pick to play Mister Sinister. Given the character has been getting a lot of screentime in ancillary projects to the MCU, Marvel Studios may very well be priming the villain to make his big screen debut. Though only time will tell if this rumor comes true and Cranston ends up Breaking Bad in the world of mutants!

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