‘Avengers’ Star Chris Hemsworth Is Completely Unrecognizable In New Photo From Next Movie

Chris Hemsworth sports a new look!

Chris Hemsworth Furiosa Mad Max Thor

Chris Hemsworth is getting a new look! The Avengers star is unrecognizable in a new photo teasing his role in the Mad Max prequel movie Furiosa.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned Chris Hemsworth into a bonafide action hero. Following his breakout role as Thor, the Avengers star has spearheaded multiple action blockbusters from Extraction to Men In Black. Now, the God of Thunder is taking on a much more villainous role, recently posting a photo of his jaw-dropping transformation into Warlord Dementus for Furiosa.

Furiosa is the long-awaited return to the Mad Max franchise by director George Miller. Serving as a prequel to the widely beloved Fury Road, the film follows the early life of the titular Furiosa (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) finding herself in the middle of a gang war between Warlord Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) and Immortan Joe.

Furiosa Expands The Mad Max Universe

The Mad Max franchise has always been rather tight-knit, with every movie being directed by George Miller ever since the series started back in 1979. While Fury Road served as a spiritual reboot for the films, the franchise has remained dormant for almost a decade as Furiosa entered production.

Furiosa certainly has a cast powerful enough to lead a franchise, with Chris Hemsworth already being a king of Australian action and Anya Taylor-Joy being one of the most acclaimed actresses from her age group.

However, this doesn’t mean Mad Max: Fury Road won’t be getting a sequel. A project titled Mad Max: The Wasteland has been in the works with Tom Hardy ever since the first film came out. However, it too has been stalled for nearly a decade due to issues regarding unpaid earnings.

It’s unclear if Furiosa will mark the start of a new age for the Mad Max franchise or simply open a parallel path as fans wait for Mad Max: The Wasteland to finally arrive in theaters. Though given the star power behind this project, it’s likely the studio would want to move forward with a sequel as soon as possible.

Furiosa is currently slated to hit theaters on May 24, 2024. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding George Miller’s Mad Mad movies and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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