Chris Hemsworth Reveals If He Competed With Brother Liam Hemsworth For ‘Thor’ Role

Thor: God of Brothers!

Was there some drama in the Hemsworth house? Chris Hemsworth speaks on both him and Liam Hemsworth trying out for the role of Thor.

While there have been a lot of “almost” castings in the MCU, one of the most interesting facts within that distinction was that both Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth were once up for the role of Thor. When asked if this caused any worry between the brothers, Chris Hemsworth revealed they never actually auditioned at the same time.

“No, ’cause I was told I didn’t have the part at that point, so I was excited for him. A little jealous maybe, but I was excited for him,” Chris Hemsworth explained during a lie detector test with Vanity Fair. “Then when I was allowed to re-audition, it was when he was out of the picture. So we were never neck and neck. It was either I was involved, then wasn’t, and he was involved then wasn’t, then I was involved.” 

It’s certainly a relief to hear that the role of Thor didn’t accidentally cause a rift in the Hemsworth household. Though it is shocking that Liam Hemsworth made it so far into the audition process and has yet to find a different role in the MCU given how beloved Chris Hemsworth is as the God of Thunder. Though perhaps that all could change in the next Thor film.

Chris Hemsworth Seemingly Promises Thor 5

While there has been no official confirmation of Thor 5, it seems Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t leave the best taste in Chris Hemsworth’s mouth. According to a recent interview, the actor believes he became a parody of himself while filming, and that he owes fans at least one more film starring himself as the God of Thunder.

It’s currently unclear what Thor 5 would entail or when it would come out. However, it seems the powers that be in the MCU agree with Chris Hemsworth that Thor: Love and Thunder was too silly, with them looking for directors similar to Gareth Edwards for a potential sequel. Hopefully, if the film ever does see the light of day, it redeems the character in the eyes of fans!

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