‘Batgirl’ Screenwriter Discusses What She Loves About Barbara Gordon

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Batgirl is an interesting one as far as adaptations. The most recent interpretations we’ve had her were Alicia Silverstone on Batman and Robin, and then Dina Meyer portrayed Oracle on the Birds of Prey TV show. We’ve yet to see her on the film side since then, but with the DC Extended Universe having more established heroes by the time we see them, it’s a fair assumption that Barbara Gordon is probably out there somewhere in Gotham City. But like Nightwing, it will just be a minute before we see her. Still, screenwriter Christina Hodson is pumped for the project.

Hodson, who wrote the Bumblebee film and is currently working on Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, sat down with the Los Angeles Times to discuss her excitement at the prospect of working on the Batgirl project, once previously in the hands of Joss Whedon. While Christina Hodson didn’t have much to say on Batgirl because, admittedly, there isn’t a lot to say at the moment, she is, at the very least, excited. What more could you want from a screenwriter when adapting a character? But more than that, she enjoys Batgirl’s similarities to the Dark Knight himself:

“She’s all the things I love about Batman. I’ve always been more interested in humans than supernatural things and monsters. People are capable of profound good, but also profound evil. The things that people will do when you back them into a corner are amazing, terrifying, and wonderful at the same time, and it draws out these primal things in us — good and bad. And that, to me, is so fascinating.”

Fascinating indeed. Now it remains to be seen just how Batgirl will be introduced into the DC Extended Universe. She could always make an appearance in Birds of Prey or The Batman prior to her actual film, similar to how we saw Mera last year in Justice League before we see more of her later this December in Aquaman. The same could be applicable here, but right now, it’s promising that Christina Hodson has a good idea of Batgirl’s innate goodness as a character.

Again, there’s not much to go off of at the moment and even this excerpt doesn’t reveal much, but at the very least, while Hodson has other current projects, Batgirl is still present and on her mind. Who would you ultimately want to see don the cowl and become Batgirl on screen? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: LA Times

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