Arrow ‘Broken Hearts’ Trailer Features Cupid’s Return

A new trailer for the CW’s ‘Arrow’ was released today for its next episode, titled ‘Broken Hearts’. This is the sixteenth episode of Arrow’s fourth season, and it features the return of psychopathic, love-obsessed archer Cupid. The episode will premiere on March 23rd after a brief hiatus.



The short trailer features glimpses of the season’s main villain Damien Darhk imprisoned and on trial, as well as some action sequences involving Cupid and Curtis Holt. Cupid last appeared in Season 3 episode “Suicidal Tendencies” as a member of Task Force X, ‘Arrow”s take on the Suicide Squad, visibly upset at the ambiguous death of Deadshot. Could this be a signal that Deadshot, murderer of Diggle’s not-really-dead brother Andy, returns in this episode? Andy’s supposed murder had created quite the tension between Diggle and Deadshot, so their inevitable confrontation is something fans have been looking forward to ever since Andy was revealed to be alive and well. And what could be more ironic than Cupid, a symbol of love, returning immediately after Felicity canceled her engagement to Oliver?

This could be the last we’ll hear from the CW regarding ‘Arrow’, as the show will be taking a short break. As if the plot hadn’t been moving along fast enough, we’re getting toward the season’s end, and Team Arrow is surely in for plenty of twists and turns as we learn whose fate is sealed. And no, I don’t think it’s Cupid in the flash-forward grave sequence.

Arrow continues to pit love and sacrifice against each other on Wednesday, March 23rd at 8/7 central on the CW.

Alex Ward

Alex Ward

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