Daisy Ridley Speaks On John Boyega’s Potential Return In Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Film

Will Finn ever return?

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Will Finn and Rey finally reunite? Daisy Ridley gives her thoughts on if John Boyega should return for her upcoming Star Wars project.

Daisy Ridley is officially set to return as Rey in a brand new Star Wars project. While details about the film have been slim, it appears to be a new start for the character. This has left many fans wondering if there’s any room for John Boyega to return as Finn in the movie. When asked, Ridley admits she would love to see the two heroes reunite.

“Absolutely, of course,” Ridley told The Hollywood Reporter. “It feels like we should, yeah.”

It seems Daisy Ridley isn’t the only person down for a Rey and Finn reunion. When asked about the possibility of returning to the Star Wars universe last year, John Boyega admitted that he’d be open to the idea if the script was good. Perhaps a reunion could be in the cards after all!

Daisy Ridley’s New Star Wars Journey

Even though Rey’s relationship with Finn may return, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay the same. Daisy Ridley has revealed her character will be different than fans expect in the upcoming Star Wars film. Namely, she’ll be a much different teacher than Luke Skywalker was in his old age, though didn’t expand on exactly how so.

Star Wars fans also shouldn’t get too excited about seeing Daisy Ridley reunite with John Boyega on the big screen anytime soon. Reports suggest that the film likely won’t be released until late 2026, potentially even 2027 if any significant delays happen. Though given the state of Disney’s Star Wars reputation, quality is certainly better than quantity!

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