‘Star Wars’: Daisy Ridley Says Rey Will Be A Different Teacher Than Luke Skywalker

Rey's new outlook!

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Rey is breaking away from the Luke Skywalker traditions! Daisy Ridley revealed that her character will be a much different teacher in her upcoming Star Wars return.

After a disappointing sequel trilogy, Daisy Ridley is back for redemption as Rey in a whole new Star Wars film. While details about it have been sparse, it seems Rey is set to take up the mantle of a Jedi teacher from Luke Skywalker to train a new generation of heroes.

However, it seems Rey won’t be taking all of the lessons Luke Skywalker gave her to heart. During a recent interview, Daisy Ridley admitted that her character will be a much different teacher than her own master, suggesting a bold new direction for the Star Wars franchise.

“I would say, from what I understand, yes.” Ridley told Den of Geek during a recent interview at SXSW. “Short answer.”

What to expect from Rey in her new Star Wars movie

Given Luke Skywalker did briefly try to murder his nephew when he was a teacher, it may be best that Rey is taking a departure from his lessons in the upcoming Star Wars movie. However, it’s clear the character will still have an influence on Daisy Ridley’s performance, given Rey took on the Skywalker name in the last film.

It also seems the scale of their teaching would be different. Before the events of the sequel trilogy, Luke Skywalker had a temple of students trying to rebuild the Jedi order. In contrast, all reports from the upcoming Star Wars movie suggest Daisy Ridley will only have two main pupils as Rey.

Fans shouldn’t expect to see Daisy Ridley’s return to the world of Star Wars anytime soon, however. Current reports suggest the film won’t be released until Winter 2026. While that may seem long to some fans, it’s important that Lucasfilm finally nail Rey’s character down in the eyes of fans after a rocky trilogy, especially if she’s taking up such an important mantle from Luke Skywalker.

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