Ex DC Entertainment President Deletes Twitter After Zack Snyder Zealots Attack

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson Zack SnyderIt seems that even the most powerful of studio executives are not safe from a Twitter harassment mob. Earlier today, Diane Nelson, the former president of DC Entertainment, deleted her Twitter account. This came following a series of attacks on her social media account following her support of the upcoming Joker film. Some, however, saw it as a slight against Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director, Zack Snyder and were not happy about it.

The former DC President took a leave of absence from the company earlier this year, citing family matters. She was expected to return but then announced that she was leaving the company earlier this summer. Since then, she had remained silent on all DC properties until yesterday. She openly praised the look of the new Joker, stating that it is what DC should have been doing since Christopher Nolan’s run on the property.

Some, however, took this as a slight against director Zack Snyder and his work on the franchise. However, she insisted that she held Zack Snyder in the same regard as Nolan. This, sadly, did not stop the mob of overly zealous Zack Snyder fans from attacking her and her perceived slight against the director. After a time she blocked everyone who was not following her on her Twitter account from seeing her Tweets. Since then she has deleted her Twitter account.

This is regrettably one of those situations that has become all to common on social media. Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran, for example, had to delete her Instagram account due to constant harassment from Star Wars fans. Directors like James Gunn have been fired over a series of misunderstood, (albeit in poor taste), jokes from nearly a decade ago. This latest situation with the former DC President, however, is easily one of the most disgusting.

People who make these attacks on people on social media need to understand that they are not helping matters. Harassing Diane Nelson over a perceived slight against Zack Snyder does nothing to help him. It will not help DC films and it won’t stop other creators from making films their way. Obviously this does not apply to all of our readers or even the majority of them. But if you think about harassing a creator or a former DC president for a short comment that you have more then likely taken out of context, please think about the impact that may have on that person’s life. Think about the impact that may have on the person’s mental health and whether or not you would enjoy that level of harassment and stress.

Trey Griffeth

Trey Griffeth

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  • You couldn’t find any of these attacks ? A single screenshot ?I found some tweets where she was called a hypocrite. And one guy who used the metaphor “snake in the grass” .

    The hypocrite claim had some justification i thought. Especially when David Ayer tweeted that the studio messed up his vision for SS. That was two days ago, around the same time this whole Nelson thing went down. Ayer also tweeted ” These days directors are treated as figureheads and actually have very little say over the final product. We just don’t talk about it.”

    When a WB/DC exec then says directors visions should come first, I think hypocrite is a just description.

    • Peter James

      So you were one of the people attacking her, it seems.

      Good job outing yourself.

      Otherwise it makes no sense why you would tie someone calling her a hypocrite on twitter to a comment David Ayer made (which seems like he was speaking in generalities and not specifically referring to Nelson), which may or may not have had anything to do with her at all….
      …..other than you were the one who made that (hypocrite) comment or at the very least, you co-sign to it and are now trying to (clumsily) justify it.

      • I missed the whole thing . And never tweeted at her. I just don’t equate asking relevant questions to harassment. And I don’t condemn thousand of people for the supposed actions of a few people. The Ayer tweet is relevant i think. When an exec who messed with several directors movies says the films should be left to the filmmaker I believe being called a hypocrite is well justified. And using the metaphor “snake in the grass” is not the same as calling the person a snake. This is a nontroversy . A storm in a teacup. The support of her outnumbered the negative comments 1000/1. But nobody cares about that. No clickbait headlines when it’s all love.

  • Kelly

    Zack Snyder, get your trash fans under control! 😠

  • Heroic Hollywood, your call for civility at the end there is laughable. You are very much a part of perpetuating the whole atmosphere of negativity and hostility among Internet fandom yourselves. You call the same group of fans, in this case DC movie fans, idiots with poor taste, or “zealots,” or whatever, for liking bad movies, over and over, of course they’re going to fire some shots back at their critics. And then you have the nerve to act like it was unprovoked, like you weren’t the ones disrespecting them to begin with. Gimme a break.