Deadpool 3: Deadpool and Wolverine Battle X-Men Villain in Epic Set Photos!

SPOILER: It Doesn't look good for the baddie Logan and Wade are fighting

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SPOILER: This post contains a spoilers for Deadpool 3

New set photos surfaced over the weekend of production resuming on Deadpool 3 which feature Deadpool and Wolverine duking it out against none other than Sabretooth!

The Daily Mirror got the exclusive pics which you can lick here or see the tweet embed below.

By the looks of the pictures, it doesn’t look like Sabretooth is going to survive his battle against Wolverine and Deadpool.

Sabretooth’s Savage History in X-Men Films

Sabretooth is a powerful mutant who first appeared as a villain in 2000’s X-Men, played by wrestler Tyler Mane. In that film, he’s depicted as a vicious associate of Magneto with bestial mutant abilities including enhanced strength and aggression, as well as claws and fangs making him a dangerous killer. We see Sabretooth utilize these savage claws and physical prowess working alongside Magneto, though his backstory and relationship to Wolverine are not explored.

Sabretooth makes another brief appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, recast with actor Liev Schreiber. We get more backstory showing his connection to Wolverine, revealing they fought together as mutant brothers in arms in past wars but ultimately became archenemies due to Sabretooth’s cruel and violent nature. There are hints of their shared history through Weapon X programs which gave them both animal mutations and healing factors. Sabretooth serves as the main antagonist Wolverine battles in the film’s climax.

That’s the extent of Sabretooth’s film appearances so far in the X-Men cinematic universe. He’s continued to be an adversary dangerous both for immense strength from his animal mutation as well as a personal vendetta against Wolverine based on their bitter past history working on covert mutant programs like Weapon X. Their mutual hatred and animal ferocity could certainly carry over to clashes and confrontation alongside Deadpool as well. There’s rich background to draw from the comics too on their long-running feud.

After years of waiting, viewers can finally witness Wolverine and Deadpool dish out some overdue justice against this feared brute in what’s destined to become an iconic comic book movie battle for the ages.

Deadpool 3 will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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