Deadpool 3: Leaked Artwork Offers Best Look Yet At Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel Variants

The ensemble film will be released on July 26

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New leaked photorealistic artwork from Deadpool 3 gives fans the best glimpse yet at the Deadpool variants in the upcoming film.

In the piece, Deadpool is joined by Headpool, Dogpool, Kidpool, and Headpool. Looks like a very detailed screen print for a t-shirt, but the artwork looks super photo realistic straight from the movie.

Just this past week, Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige took the CinemaCon stage to talk about the movie: “This is a remarkable honor to talk about doing a movie with Ryan Reynolds for the very first time at Marvel Studios is Deadpool and for the first time since my career started almost a quarter of a century ago. Working with Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine.”

Feige was so excited, that for the first time in his career, at least publicly, he dropped a couple of f-bombs on the CinemaCon stage to hype up the MCU’s first R-Rated film to exhibitors.

Feige added: “It is incredible. It is extremely exciting, and I hope you don’t mind if I say it’s f–king awesome and the reason I can say it’s f–king awesome is because already movie. It’s an R rated movie! It’s an R rated movie!”

Deadpool and Wolverine director joined Feige on stage and said: “I feel like now that Kevin Feige is allowed to say ‘F–k,’ he kind of needed to say it more than once. I feel like now we’re all bonded in this room. I think we feel I feel like we shared a historic occasion that we all got to hear Kevin Feige I think say it three times and somewhere Ryan Reynolds is gleeful.

Levy spoke about Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and added: “Seeing this team up that all of us as fans and audience members have waited at least at least 15 years where to get to see Hugh and Ryan in their most iconic roles, bringing their A+ of A games every day was remarkable and the fact that the three of us are friends of many, many years in real life as well, it made it that much sweeter.

DeadPool 3 aka Deadpool and Wolverine will be released on July 26.

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